Alexander Lee

From Dentist to Product Manager

Alex W. Lee is a dynamic and accomplished professional who has made a remarkable transition from being Dentist to a thriving Product Manager. With over six years of experience in the dental field, Alex demonstrated exceptional skills and attributes that enabled a seamless transition to his current role.

Early Career Roles:

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist (Oct 2016 - May 2023):

Alex's experience as a pediatric dentist was marked by innovation and patient-centered care. He increased daily production by 33% during COVID restrictions and focused on reducing dental anxiety through desensitization and minimally-invasive techniques.

Transition to Product Management

Alex's transition to Product Management was a remarkable journey that showcased his adaptability, leadership skills, and determination. Before making the leap into Product Management, Alex recognized that his skills as a pediatric dentist could be leveraged effectively in the tech industry. He understood the importance of efficient patient care, the value of interdisciplinary collaboration, and the need for continuous improvement – all of which are transferable to product management.

Alex joined Co.Lab which was a crucial stepping stone in his journey. As a Product Manager for ✨Olive Branch✨, he took on the challenge of developing a conflict resolution communication tool for couples. Olive Branch allowed Alex to gain hands-on experience in the end-to-end product development process, from ideation to MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This experience was invaluable in building a foundation for his future career in product management.

💼 Within the same month of finishing Co.Lab’s Bootcamp, Alex was able to land his first Product role at Hack for LA

Product Manager at Hack for LA (Jul 2022 - Jul 2023):During his time as a Product Manager at Hack for LA, Alex led the development of the Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS), significantly reducing its scope and expected development time. He improved VRMS's usability rating from 4.2 to 7.3 through iterative design based on user feedback. Additionally, he streamlined volunteer onboarding processes, emphasizing efficiency and automation.

Product Manager at (Feb 2023 - Present):In his current role as an Associate Product Manager at, Alex has already achieved notable milestones. He championed the development and implementation of a data upload tool, resulting in a 34% reduction in data onboarding time. Furthermore, he led a cross-functional initiative to refine data structures and enhance the effectiveness of the Segment implementation, reducing monthly API calls/objects by 80%. Alex is also at the forefront of developing Ninety's internal admin tool, "Mission Control," utilizing Retool, and conceptualizing "Partner Hub 2.0," a specialized tool for coaches.

Alex's journey from a pediatric dentist to a successful Product Manager showcases his ability to transfer key skills such as cross-functional team leadership, agile methodologies, and a strong focus on user needs. His unique blend of dental expertise and product management acumen positions him as a valuable asset in the tech industry.

🎯 Transferable skills: Alex's ability to provide positive patient experiences in dentistry translates into a strong foundation for understanding user needs and improving customer satisfaction as a product manager.

Sedation Dentistry: This skill has helped him understand the importance of creating user-friendly and stress-free products.

Research: His involvement in research projects as an Adjunct Assistant Professor gave him a foundation in research, which is invaluable in product development.

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