Get a team,
launch a product,
reach your goals.

Work together as a real, complete team - Product Management, Design, and Development.

Prove your skills with a completely collaborative, learning-by-doing experience. Ship your own products with real user impact. All within 6 weeks.

Real teams.
Real customers.
Real experience.

Wanting to break into tech, but struggling without real project experience? Already in the industry, but not really thriving and making the impact you want? Maybe something in between? 

Whatever the reason, we're here to help by facilitating collaborative, hands-on practical product experience.

We help you reach your goals.

At Co.Lab, we connect product managers, developers, and designers to ship impactful products together.

And no matter what your goals are, we're here to support that.

Collaboration, confidence, and community. Ideation to MVP in 6 weeks. Ship real products with real impact.

Ready to jump in and get started?

Apply now for the October 26 cohort!

I'm in!

What does my journey look like?

The experience is yours to drive - as a PM, Dev, or Designer.


Fill out the application form with your discipline of choice and experience level, and we'll run through an initial assessment and interview.



If you've shown that you have the skills and the dedication, you'll be matched into a cross-discipline team.


Make a PM spec. Produce lo-fi/high-fi and dev designs, mockups. Set milestones! We'll be there along with your mentor to help guide you along.



Get your MVP into the hands of customers, and set a roadmap! What are your success metrics? Did you all meet them? Get creative!


Grow your skills with weekly workshops, project reviews, and speaker sessions with industry leaders. Grow your network with other like-minded ambitious individuals, looking to learn.


Ship it!

Launch on Product Hunt, showcase your product to judges, recruiters, and the rest of the community. What's next? Anything's possible.


Just because the program is over doesn't mean it's actually over. Leverage your newfound connections and confidence! Endless possibilities.




Fill out the application form, and share with us your experience level and area of interest: PM, design, or development?


Team Match

If you've shown that you have the skills and the dedication, you'll be matched into a full cross-discipline team.


Iterate, iterate

Produce specs, lo-fi/hi-fi mockups, and working prototypes. Get it into customers hands and set a roadmap!


Ship it!

Launch on Product Hunt, showcase it to judges, recruiters, and the rest of the community. What's next? Anything's possible.

Don't just say. Show.

Work collaboratively, and show off your ability to succeed in the product space.

Reach your goals - whatever they are.

Apply now!

Get that practical experience.

Work with the same people you'd actually work with on the job. Ship a product together. Find real users. Get those professional references and leverage a network of like-minded learners. Remember that you're good enough.

Program Pricing

Ask us about our flexible payment options!

Software Development

Begins: November 9

5-week program

Team match + mentorship

Weekly workshops
(Ex. Collaborative engineering)

Eng Office Hours

Demo Day

Ongoing Slack community

UX/UI Design

Begins: November 9

5-week program

Team match + mentorship

Weekly workshops
(Ex. Conducting user research)

Design Reviews

Demo Day

Ongoing Slack community

PM - Gain Experience

Begins: November 2

6-week program

Team match + mentorship

Weekly workshops
(Ex. Agile best practices)

Spec Reviews

Demo Day

Ongoing Slack community

PM - From the Basics

Begins: October 26

21+ hrs of learning

Product 101 e-book

Dedicated help

7-week program

Product case studies

Team match + mentorship

Demo Day

Ongoing Slack community

Upcoming Demo Day: December 12th

Toss in an application!

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Frequently asked questions

And whatever else your heart desires!

What's the vision for Co.Lab?

We want to decouple education from the theoretical knowledge and foster a more accessible, learning-by-doing model. We want to build confidence through communication and collaboration, and to remind others that they can do it! To empower and prepare folks from all backgrounds to both enter, and succeed within the industry. To shift the landscape within tech to include racial, gender and gender identity, socio-economical, academic, and most importantly, thought diversity.

Yes, our vision is grand. This is just the beginning.

Who are you?

Helen and Sefunmi. We're two Product Managers with backgrounds shipping experiences for Microsoft, Apple, Ecobee, Zynga, Copper and other various start-ups. We've written books, actively do recruiting for our companies, and curate a newsletter for how to break into tech. We're decently well connected (now)... though the journey itself hasn't been easy.

Throughout our time here in the industry, it's been fraught with imposter syndrome and all of that self-doubt goodness. Both of us come from backgrounds that don't fit "the mold". And it's hard to feel like you can do it, especially when you don't see many others like you where you want to go. So while we understand the struggle, we're still gonna keep climbing... and we want to bring you up with us. Thus Co.Lab was born!

Who should apply? What's the commitment like? What if I'm not from North America?

If you are a Designer, Developer, or Product Manager who wants to gain practical experience (and confidence, connections, and all of that other goodness), definitely apply! We will accept folks who either has some type of relevant industry experience (within the discipline you're applying for), or equivalent bootcamp-level experience. If you are a PM with no prior bootcamp or industry experience, we have the How To Product course that arms you with the theoretical and methodological content you need prior to being team matched.

Can't dedicate full-time hours to this? That's totally fine too. The majority of our previous students had full-time jobs or were doing full-time studies. The expectation set is for 10-15 hours of commitment per week, after that it's entirely up to you.

We also welcome students globally, as time zones are considered as part of the matching process. So far we've had successful students from North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Is this program worth it? 

Only you have the answer to that.

What is gaining confidence, connections, and actual product experience worth for you? How much will that go towards landing your next job or next promotion? How can that help you grow you as a person? How does a one-time fee compare to all that? 

All we can say is that we will provide the best experience possible for you in reaching your goals - whether that's gaining the confidence, landing your next job, snagging that big promo, and anything in between.

I've been looking to do a bootcamp or a course. What makes this better? 

Recruiters and managers are looking for evidence of practical experience, the ability to ship products, and collaborate across disciplines. In a bootcamp, you do some boilerplate projects or case studies, working with other folks in the same role as yourself. In a course, you might never even finish it.

Co.Lab gives you a more accessible opportunity to work as a real product team doing agile development. Get real users, ship real products. Gain (and show) the confidence that you'll do great in a real work environment.

How does the pricing work? Are there any sponsorships? 

We've priced this program to be as low as $110/week. Developers and Designers (with proven bootcamp or equivalent training) experience five full weeks, for a total of $549. Product Managers go through the full six-week program along with spec reviews and assistance finding a problem space, for a total of $659.

This price is exceptionally low compared to the "going rate" for other bootcamps and courses. This is because we want it to be as accessible and affordable as possible, while making sure that you're also dedicated to bringing your best self: dedicated, hard-working, and a team player.

We have managed to land 2 sponsorships available for folks with difficulty signing up at this current price. Please specify this in your application! 

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