Gain practical product experience, through cross-discipline collaboration.

Step into the role, for real.

Real product teams don't have you working in silos. That's why at Co.Lab, we put you into agile teams, with a Product Manager, Developer, and Designer.

Work across-disciplines to ship something real, teamwork-style!

Learn by doing

Practical Teamwork

Experience just how cross-discipline collaboration truly is. Leverage each other's skills to ship something together, just like a real work environment.

Hands-on Projects

No more by-the-curriculum assignments and case studies. Put your theoretical knowledge into practice to find out what the role is really like as you build for real users.

Real Agile Experiences

Experience what it really feels like to work in tech, preforming all the necessary rituals that get you from ideation to launch - sprints, retrospectives and more!


Project Mentorship

Get dedicated support from your Project Mentor, who will guide you through working in an agile environment and shipping real products.

Weekly Workshops

Learn about a variety of topics and strategies as our Discipline Mentors offer their expertise with regular Office Hour sessions.

Project Mentorship

Get dedicated support from your Project Mentor, who will guide you through working in an agile environment and shipping real products.


Manav Kainth

Product Manager - Fall 2020

View Project

Co.Lab was a phenomenal experience for me. I gained experience working directly with a designer, developer and project manager. I feel more confident as a PM early in my product journey and feel more comfortable for any product interviews ahead.

Ayo Ayodeji

Product Manager - Summer 2020

Incoming PM II at Microsoft

We conducted user research, worked closely with our target customers, and actually built a product they loved. I feel like this program probably changed my life. And I feel like it could potentially change yours as well.

Pedja Ristic

Senior Designer - Facebook

Demo Day Judge

It's one thing to see a product pitch, design, or tech spec independently, but a whole other beast to put it all into practice simultaneously with the fidelity, speed, and resourcefulness displayed on Demo Day.

Ilan Rotenberg

Product Manager - Fall 2020

Product Manager at Cority

I believe Co.Lab has huge potential to help someone in the beginning of their product journey out. I will recommend it to anyone I know trying to break into product.

Rochelle Coelho

Designer - Fall 2020

View Project

Working with a Product Manager and in sprints with our Developer helped me to understand the realities of the development process, while providing me with valuable, real life experience! I've grown as a Designer and am more confident in my skills!

Mallika Trivedi

Software Developer - Microsoft

Demo Day Judge

I was impressed by the thought put behind every product. All the team members seemed highly motivated and it showed in the execution of their presentations.

Heather Sterman

Designer - Fall 2020

View Project

Co.Lab is worthwhile for gaining much needed experience in working with cross-functional teams. Communication with your team is key to make sure your role is clearly defined for success. Co.Lab is super supportive all around, no matter what your level of experience is!

Oluwafemi Oluwatola

Developer - Fall 2020

View Project

Co.Lab gave me an opportunity to work in a simulated work environment with designers and PMs. I learnt a lot about projects from ideation to implementation and how to work well in a team. Most importantly, we got to test our products with users and worked on implementing their recommendations. It was a wholesome and fulfilling experience.

Krista Ruiz

Developer - Fall 2020

View Project

I would recommend the Co.Lab experience to software development bootcamp grads, like myself, who want to continue coding and deepening their professional skillset while searching for their next position. Not only does Co.Lab provide the opportunity to work in the structure of a cross-functional team, it emphasizes the business-development and user-centric side of development that might be overlooked in education-focused coding bootcamps.

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Who is Co.Lab for?

Co.Lab builds confidence through learning by doing, empowering and connecting technologists to ship products through collaboration.

Whether you're someone looking to transition into the industry, or wanting to build out new ideas with a motivated team, Co.Lab is for you!

Essentially, we put motivated folks across Product Management, Design and Development into agile groups, to ideate and launch a real product within 6 weeks. Yes, there'll be mentorship, support, workshops and the like! Most of all, you'll be a part of a supportive close-knit community of builders and technologists.

Why do we do what we do?

Breaking into and excelling within tech these days is difficult. It's especially harder if you're doing a career transition, or coming in without your standard college degree. That difficulty shouldn't stop you from reaching your career goals or having the confidence to do so. You can absolutely make a difference within the industry, as just yourself and the unique experiences you bring.

At the same time, we also want folks who want to upskill and have group accountability the opportunity to also build something new! And to join a community of like-minded makers.

Either way, we at Co.Lab want to help you reach your goals - no matter what they are! Together, we can achieve a lot more!

Why does what we do work?

We know what hiring managers and recruiters really want. They want to be shown, rather than told. They want to see motivated individuals that have experience executing with a real product team. Especially with more junior hires, they want to see folks that display decision-making abilities when working cross-functionally. Real product experience that goes beyond just a curriculum.

Normally that's experience you'd only get on the job. But this is also where we come in. Co.Lab makes sure you get that hands-on, practical product experience that sets you apart from the rest.

You'll also get the group accountability and support to actually build something, to try new things. Who knows where that can go and who you'll meet!

What is You Belong in Tech?

You Belong in Tech is the name of our official community and blog. You can see more details here: you belong in tech