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May 9, 2021

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June 5, 2021

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July 17, 2021

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Coding is more than just code

It's not just about writing code by yourself, it's about building products with a team and the impact you make as a collective

Manage Scope

Investigate various product requirements from the team and report your findings to maintain feasibility of the project.

Make Trade Offs

Decide between time, scope, and quality when managing the progress and timeline of the project throughout the program.

Ship to Users

Manage release expectations, fix outstanding bugs, and ship your product features regularly to real customers for continuous value.

Be Safe to Try

Co.Lab provides a safe and inclusive space for all the questions you didn’t think you could ask. We’re all here to help one another succeed.

Professional References

Form friendships and working relationships with cross-discipline coworkers. Leverage your networks and create a name for yourself!

Ongoing community

Be part of a close-knit community, committed to supporting and celebrating one another. And once a Co.Laborator, always a Co.Laborator.

Learn from industry leaders

Get access to 16+ classes you can take with your peers,
while learning from instructors and industry experts


Software Engineer II


Engineering Manager


Sr. Software Developer


Software Engineer II


Software Engineer II


Software Engineer II

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Build something awesome

Improve your skills as a developer with our 8-week, part-time program, crafted to give you real-world experience


Brush up on your coding skills (bootcamp, self-taught, or equivalent), and complete your team match survey.

WEEK 1: team & Mentor match

Meet your team and learn more about the project. Discuss scope, timeline and feasibility and investigate the technical details about the project.

WEEK 2: landing on a solution

Consider the technical architecture, choose your tech stack and provide estimates to help your team plan for the project.


Implement mockups, make tradeoffs on design complexity, cut scope if necessary and demo progress to your team.

END of Week 7: show off your mvp

Showcase your MVP, and get everything ready for the Co.Lab Portfolio Pack you'll leave the program with.

WEEK 8: wrap up and celebrations

Wrap up your project, making time to celebrate your hard work!

Apply as a Software Developer


Software Development Track

June 5 - July 17


  • Full team match
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Two industry mentors
  • Live classes & workshops
  • Full access to community
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July 3 - August 14
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