We offer two programs

4 week (5hrs/week)
Product Sprint
Learn product management fundamentals and solve real-world problems.
Hands-on way to learn product management
Learn in small groups with product managers
Solve real-world problems
Group mentorship
Build an impressive product portfolio

$95 USD

in 6 weekly installments or $500 for full payment
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8 week (15hrs/week)
Product Bootcamp
Build a real product with your team, and get 1:1 mentorship - all on flexible schedule.
Gain cross-functional team experience
Work with engineers and designers
Complete development life cycle
1:1 mentorship with experienced PMs
Build a functional product MVP

$400 USD

in 12 monthly installments or $3800 for full payment
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Co.Lab Programs FAQs

Do you offer payment plans for your programs?

We want to make practical learning as accessible as possible. We offer a highly competitive one-time payment and are happy to talk about payment options. Prices may fluctuate in future cohorts based on improvements and changes in the program.

What is the time commitment for either program?

For the 4-week PM Sprint, the suggested amount of time is approximately 1 hour of live programming and 3 - 4 hours of self learning per week.

For the PM Build a MVP Bootcamp, you'll ultimately get to work out a schedule that works with the rest of your team. We do suggest a minimum time commitment of at least 15 - 20 hours per week.

What does the class schedule look like?

As part of each program, you'll get access to hours of course content to be taken at your own time. There are no live classes.

However, for both programs you will have weekly live sessions. Most are small-group, mentor-led, and team-led conversations, where you'll learn actionable on-the-job info, rather than specific theoretical concepts. Please check each program's specific page for the schedule.

Are there any submissions?

To make sure you and your team stay on track, your team will be asked to submit things such as: 

(1) A spec document
(2) Lo-fi and high-fi designs
(3) A demo video + associated URLs
(4) A blog writeup on your team experience and product - your Product Pack

None of this is graded. It's an opportunity to get your work reviewed by an industry professional and ensure you're getting unique learnings and insights from the program.

What do we build in the 8-week Bootcamp?

You tell us! Learners decide for themselves what they build (and whether they end up building something at all!). You work collaboratively as a team to find actual users, and determine actual customer pain points - just like in a real workplace. Not a good enough answer? Go look at some Student Product Packs found on our Projects page.

Who are my team members for the 8-week Bootcamp?

You’ll be working with other like-minded, motivated techies looking to grow in their careers, across Design and Engineering. You’ll be navigating the Co.Lab journey together! Our matching is determined based on teamwork styles, experiences, interests, and other logistics.

Please note that Co.Lab is a team-based learning program, and working with new people can be hard. That's part of the experience you're signing up for, so please make sure you're up for it.

Is the 8-week Build a MVP Bootcamp hard?

Not everyone is used to hands-on, project-based, collaborative learning. It requires you to take initiative, display leadership, and communicate effectively on top of sharpening your technical skills. It's hard - and that's exactly why it works in helping you stand out and build credibility.