Build a product in 8 weeks

Step into the role of a product manager and lead a team of engineering and designers to build out a working MVP for actual users.

Product Bootcamp program is for...

Aspiring product managers who want experience building with a cross-functional team

Early-stage founders and entrepreneurs who want to build out their idea from scratch

Tech professionals looking to enhance their product management & development skills

Program Duration

8 weeks, part-time


Team-based & Cohort-based

Live Sessions

Mon & Tue, 6:30PM - 7:30PM EST


10-15 hours per week

Course Format

100% Online & Remote

Mentorship Style

Weekly 1 on 1 sessions

The hard way to build a product

Ok, I can do this.
Just try hard.

How can I build product with no experience?

This is impossible.

Come up with an idea
Find a team and hire them $$$
Learn how to manage project
Build product in isolation
Look for mentors to get feedback
Deliver in a few months

Come up with an idea

Find a team and hire them $$$

Learn how to manage project

Ok, I can do this. Just try hard.

Build product in isolation

Look for mentors to get feedback

How can I build product with no experience?

Deliver in a few months

This is impossible.

The easy way to build a product

Sweet, everything I need is included!

I feel ready to get out there and work.

Apply to the Product Bootcamp & Get matched with a team
Start building and get feedback from other students and mentors
Ship an MVP in 8 weeks and showcase on your portfolio

Apply to the Product Bootcamp & Get matched with a team

Sweet, everything I need is included!

Start building and get feedback from other students and mentors

Ship an MVP in 8 weeks and showcase on your portfolio

I feel ready to get out there and work.

How the Product management Bootcamp works

Lead your own product team

Get matched with talented engineers and a designer and collaborate with them to kickstart your project.

Structured curriculum on how to build a product

Execute a product roadmap and complete the Software Product Development Life Cycle. Work in sprints, build a backlog and follow industry practices.

Receive 1-on-1 mentorship from product leaders

Ask your mentor detailed questions, develop a career plan, let a mentor review your resume, and receive dedicated feedback on how to grow your product knowledge.

Hear from our students

“Working with a team made me realize I had what it took to thrive in the industry as a PM!”

Karen, Product Manager @ Buddi

“Co.Lab allowed me to strengthen the building blocks that I needed to break into Product.”

Brunell, Product Manager @ Oar Health

Jake Hughson

“I got the exceptional feeling of creating something I was proud of with my team.”

Jake, Program Manager II @ Microsoft

Your product management bootcamp mentors

Get dedicated support from world-class product mentors and prospective employers

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Sr. Program Manager
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Kevin Behan
Sr. Product Manager
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Selena W
Sr. Product Manager
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Product Manager
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Elyse Clement
Director, Product Management
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Debadyuti Roy Chowdhury
Sr. Product Manager

Product Bootcamp (8 weeks)

Our Product management Bootcamp is designed for people with prior product knowledge. Not you? Check out Product Sprint →

Define a Clear Problem
  • Meet your team (Software Engineer(s) & UX Designer)
  • Organize a project kickoff to brainstorm problems
  • Start conducting user research to talk to potential customers
Identify Possible Solutions
  • Explore the solution space of your problem and validate which ones will work for your customers
  • Start considering technical feasibility and constraints
  • Start creating user flows, wireframes and user journeys for your proposed solution
Prioritize Features and Create Low-Fidelity Designs
  • Align on the core features your team plans to deliver to customers
  • Start designing initial visual concepts and mockups
  • Break down your user stories into executable technical tasks
Make Progress on Development and Create High-Fidelity Designs
  • Test your early wireframes and mock ups with actual customers to collect feedback
  • Iterate on your designs and prepare for development hand off
  • Get ready to deploy an initial functional prototype in preparation for beta testing

Select a cohort date & apply online


Interview with the Co.Lab team


Get an acceptance offer to join


Match with your team & mentor


Start building!

Apply now to reserve your spot

8 Week Product management Bootcamp

$400 USD

in 12 monthly installments or $3800 for full payment
Live online sessions Mon & Tue 6:30 EST
Flexible schedule*
Cohort-based learning with peers
1:1 Mentorship
Select cohort
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*The Product Bootcamp is a collaborative program. Once you are assigned to a team, you will pick meeting times that work for everyone.

Have more questions?
Come to our info session!

Learn more about our Product management Bootcamp. Our team will walk through what you can expect. Come ready with questions!

Sefunmi Osinaike Co-Founder Co.Lab

Product Bootcamp FAQ

Who is the Co.Lab PM Bootcamp for?

The Co.Lab Product Management Online Bootcamp is beginner-friendly, though best suited for those with at least one to two years of experience in leadership settings and/or professional working experience.

You should already know about the Product Management role. We suggest completing the PM Sprint program before you go into the Co.Lab program. If you've already completed a PM training program or course you may be eligible to go through the bootcamp without the need to take our PM Sprint.

Most importantly, you're someone who wants the hands-on experience beyond just the theory. You're looking for practical Product Manager experience, and you're ready for the challenge. You want to go out to speak to users, lead a real cross-functional team, and get past the inevitable challenges.

If you prefer a classic classroom environment with live lectures and case studies, Co.Lab's Product Management Online Bootcamp may not be the right fit for you.

How does Co.Lab PM Bootcamp work and what is the time commitment?

Co.Lab's Product Management Online Bootcamp will require at least 10 to 15 hours per week for the entirety of the 8-week program.

There is a mix of live, pre-scheduled classes, as well as online content you can work on at your own place. You'll also need to make time to work with your team and meet with your Product Mentor on a 1:1 basis. As part of our Product Management bootcamp, there will be weekly submissions to keep you on track, which are reviewed by your Product Mentor.

What do teams build during the PM Bootcamp?

Just like we've said, we're not your traditional bootcamp! In terms of what your team builds, you know best.

During the Bootcamp, you decide what to build, work collaboratively to find users, and determine customer pain points. Check out Project Portfolios to get inspiration from previous students.

By not enforcing templated or boilerplate projects, you have the freedom to flex your own creativity. You can show that off during product management interviews, or as part of your product resume. We find that most teams will build something based on the product spec developed during the Sprint program.

How do I get matched with developers and a designer during the PM Bootcamp?

Upon enrollment of the Bootcamp, you will be asked to complete a team match survey detailing your current skill level, time availabilities, personality, fields of interests, and commitment among others.

You will generally end up in a team of 1 mentor, 1 product manager, 1 product designer, and 2 software developers. All of your team members are vetted junior technologists, keen to learn and be part of the journey with you.

Please note that we are an international and remote program. You may be working with team members from varying time zones. While we do not guarantee that you will have team members with the exact preference as yours with regard to time zones, tech stack, etc., they should be the best fit for you to encourage personal and professional growth during the program.

What career/job support does Co.Lab provide during or after the PM Bootcamp?

Co.Lab does not offer a dedicated career services program. However, we have exclusive content on interviewing tips, as well as perks for other dedicated career prep services. In the community, there are also informal resume review and mock interview sessions hosted by current PMs and PM alumni.

In addition to that, your Mentor during Co.Lab is meant to help provide you with resources, references, and career discussions. You can also leverage the community reach for you to connect and network with industry professionals. Multiple mentors have proceeded to hire PMs directly from the program because they are able to witness how you solve problems. However, it's up to you to network accordingly and perform well so that you are in a position to reap the benefits if a mentor is currently hiring.

Roughly 8 out of 10 PMs who complete the PM Bootcamp land a Product role within 180 days post-graduation. You can now find Co.Lab alum in PM roles at places like Google, Shopify, Microsoft and more.

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