Our Mission

The tech industry needs diversity - diversity in thought.

Technology impacts a global audience - all the more value for the industry to be made up of people from different backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspectives and lived experiences to the table. And this is not a wildly adopted mindset… just yet.

Co.Lab will help us get there by giving people from all walks of life the real-world, practical experience to confidently break into (and thrive within) the tech industry. We want to spark action, enable folks to learn by doing, and celebrate achievements as a true collective.

Join us in spreading the word that no matter your background, you belong in tech.

Our Values

Both Sefunmi and Helen come from non-traditional backgrounds and have experienced personal difficulty getting into the tech industry.

After both of our collective experiences leading engineering teams at companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Zynga, we deeply wanted to create a space where people can:

Gain confidence

Show the world (and yourself) what you're capable of, through collaboration and community.

Learn by doing

Forge your own way of doing things (with a little bit of hands-on guidance from industry experts).

Form friendships

Grow a support network within an inclusive and diverse group, and be invested in one another's success.

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