Mabel Teng

From Finance Professional to Product Manager

Mabel's journey to becoming a Product Manager began with a strong academic foundation. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Finance (Honors) from The University of British Columbia, graduating with distinction and achieving a remarkable CGPA of 3.9. During her time at UBC, she actively participated in various extracurricular activities and societies, demonstrating her commitment to personal and professional development.

Early Career Role:

Operations Associate at Orbis Investments (Oct 2017 - Jan 2021)

After graduation, Mabel embarked on her career as an Investment Operations Associate at Orbis Investments. This role provided her with exposure to institutional client servicing, transfer agency operations, and project management. These experiences equipped her with valuable skills, including attention to detail and project coordination, which would later prove crucial in her transition to product management.

Transition to Product Management

One of the pivotal moments in Mabel's transition to product management was her participation in Co.Lab, where she contributed as a Product Manager for the ✨Meals Made Easy✨ project. This experience allowed her to apply her skills in project management and agile methodologies in a real-world setting. It served as a bridge that facilitated her entry into the field of product management.

💼 Three months after finishing Co.Lab’s Bootcamp, Mabel landed her first Product role at Shopee

The turning point in Mabel's journey came when she joined Shopee as a Product Manager in the Customer Service and Chatbot team. In this role, she assumed responsibility for various customer service channels and became an expert in agent and supervisor consoles. Her proficiency in working with WFM modules further solidified her position as a Product Manager.

Mabel's transition to becoming a Product Manager was marked by her determination, educational excellence, and a diverse range of experiences. Her participation in Co.Lab was a significant turning point that allowed her to bridge the gap between her past roles and her aspirations in product management. Today, at Shopee, she continues to excel as a Product Manager in the Customer Service and Chatbot team, contributing to the development of innovative solutions. Her journey exemplifies the importance of continuous learning and adaptability in the tech industry.

🎯 Transferable skills: Throughout her journey, Mabel developed a set of transferable skills, including project management, agile methodologies, user stories, and data-driven decision-making. Her diverse experiences in finance, teaching, entrepreneurship, and policy research provided her with a unique blend of abilities that proved invaluable in her role as a Product Manager.

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