Timothy Goodwin

From Teacher to Product Manager Apprentice

Timothy's path from teaching to product management is marked by a strong educational foundation. He earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History from the University of Pittsburgh. During his academic journey, he honed skills such as critical thinking, time management, effective presentations, proficiency in Microsoft Suites, problem-solving, analytical skills, and research. These skills would prove valuable in his future career transition.

Transition to Product Management

A significant turning point in Timothy's career was his participation in the Co.Lab Product Management program. During this experience, he conducted initial user and market research to understand consumer auto repair experiences. Timothy also prioritizing product features rigorously to align with business objectives and led a cross-functional team through Agile sprints to deliver an MVP within 8 weeks.

These experiences at Co.Lab equipped him with practical product management skills and insights where he helped launched ✨Dr. Car Quotes✨.

💼 After 4 months of finishing Co.Lab’s Bootcamp, landed a Product role at Super.com

Timothy's current role as a Product Manager Apprentice is an excellent stepping stone. It demonstrates his dedication to transitioning into product management.

Timothy's journey from teaching to product management is characterized by a strong educational foundation. His ability to conduct user research, prioritize features, manage cross-functional teams, and drive product improvements are key strengths that align with the responsibilities of a product manager. His dedication to learning and his broad skill set make him well-suited for a career in product management.

🎯 Transferable skills: Timothy's transition to product management was facilitated by several transferable skills, including critical thinking, customer research, presentations, teamwork, documentation, data analysis, communication, project management, process improvement, user experience (UX) design, research, and leadership.

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