Bargavi Kanneganti

From Software Developer to Product Manager

Bargavi embarked on a journey from being a Software Developer to a promising Product Manager. Her educational background and initial professional experience provided her with essential technical skills. She participated in the Co.Lab Sprint Program in November 2022, which served as a pivotal point in her transition to product management.

Early Career Roles:

Software Developer at DigitalCrafts (Aug 2020 - Dec 2020)

  • Bargavi's background as a Software Developer at DigitalCrafts allowed her to gain significant technical proficiency, including full-stack development skills, JavaScript, Python, React/Redux, Node.js, Express, and PostgreSQL. Her contributions to projects like "Band Together" and "Sugar Oppa" showcased her coding abilities.

Freelance Product Manager at (Apr 2022 - Jun 2022):

  • During this freelance role, Bargavi excelled in UX research, backlog management, and product strategy. These skills are invaluable for a career in product management.

Product Manager at atlasGO (Sep 2021 - Apr 2022):

  • Her experience at atlasGO reinforced her expertise in UX research, cross-functional team leadership, backlog management, and product road mapping, further preparing her for her transition.

Transition to Product Management

Participation in the Co.Lab Sprint Program played a significant role in Bargavi's transition. During this program, she developed critical product management skills in just a span of 4 weeks.

💼 In just less than a month of finishing Co.Lab’s 4-week Sprint, Bargavi landed her third Product role at Golden Section

Golden Section (Present): In her current role at Golden Section, Bargavi owns the product roadmap for a mobile app in the film production industry. She translates client requests into clear business requirements, conducts technical feasibility research, and prioritizes features. Her leadership in storytelling ceremonies ensures alignment, and she meticulously performs User Acceptance Testing each sprint.

Bargavi's transition from a Software Developer to a Product Manager is marked by her participation in the Co.Lab Sprint Program and her commitment to continuous learning and professional development. Her blend of technical proficiency, leadership abilities, and a deep understanding of user needs positions her for a successful career in product management.

🎯 Transferable skills: Throughout her career journey, Bargavi has cultivated a diverse skill set, including cross-functional team leadership, user research, UX design, backlog management, user personas, product strategy, and product road mapping. These skills, combined with her technical background, make her well-equipped for a role in product management.

Communication: Prior to her transition, Bargavi worked as an English Second Language (ESL) Teacher and ESL Tutor. These roles honed her communication and teaching skills, which are crucial for effectively conveying product concepts and strategies to teams.

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