Ankur Biswas
Product Manager II at Microsoft
Professional Background

Ankur has a bachelors and a masters degree from Cornell University. Between undergrad and grad school he was fortunate enough to work on a startup of his own, which is where he discovered and fell in love with product management.

Presently, Ankur is engaged in the development of a product known as Windows 365. This innovative platform allows users to seamlessly stream Windows 10 and Windows 11 directly from the Microsoft cloud to any of their devices. His primary focus within the project is on security, and he specializes in collaborating with clients in the Financial Services sector.

Outside of his professional commitments, Ankur enjoys dedicating his free time to diverse interests. Cooking, exploring new sports, and spending quality moments with his dog are among his favorite pursuits.

Co.Lab Mentorship

As a Mentor, Ankur dedicates his time and expertise to guide aspiring product managers, designers, and developers. Committing 3-4 hours per week over an 8-week period for the Bootcamp and 7-9 hours for the entire Spring program.

Ankur has been instrumental in COLAB4, COLAB14 and SPRINT16, guiding mentees across 3 different countries and contributing to the successful launch of 4 products.

Significantly, some of Ankur's mentees in product management have achieved notable success, making substantial contributions to renowned companies like Ceridian, Atila, and UBS. This underscores Ankur's influential mentoring approach, setting the stage for the professional accomplishments of those he guides.

Mentored 20 students
Provided 70 hours of personalized guidance
Helped ship 4 products and 10 portfolios
Top Products

Below are some of the products that Ankur assisted his students to ship

  • EdisHub: A platform hub that aims to providing easy access to a diverse, robust, and affordable resource database needed to build and sharpen tech skills
  • Trippin’: Web App that’s gonna facilitate your trip itinerary planning
  • Immigri: Immigrants need an easy and effective way to ask about, get help for and complete their essential documentation ( such as application for a temporary residency card, updating visa duration) because finding a reliable source in English/native language and finding the right person to ask help for documentation on social media is so challenging.

Mentor Reviews
  • “Ankur was a great mentor. He always brings a unique perspective to the team and was very supportive throughout the project”
  • “His advice was vital in the early stage of preparation for our project and assisted us by guiding us toward the best solutions at every step; having him as a mentor made those eight weeks easier for the team in general and me”
  • “Ankur is a really good mentor, always coming to us with really clear and insightfull feedback through our project. Open to listen and help me through the challenges I faced. I only wold have liked to have a more clear and consistent schedule for our mentor meetings, since my team had problems with scheduling available times, not having a designated set time to meet with him by week made even more dificult to organize our time together through video”

Ankur's impact has been nothing short of transformative. His commitment to guiding mentees, contributing to successful product launches, and fostering the growth of future talents reflects the true spirit of Co.Lab mentorship.

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