Immigrants need an easy and effective way to ask about, get help for and complete their essential documentation ( such as application for a temporary residency card, updating visa duration) because finding a reliable source in English/native language and finding the right person to ask help for documentation on social media is so challenging.


Problem Statement  

Immigrants  need an easy and effective way to ask about , get help for and complete their  essential documentation ( such as application to temporary residency card, updating visa duration) because finding a reliable source in English/native language and finding the right person to ask help for documentation on social media is so challenging. Moreover, there are people who move to a new country/new culture without knowing anyone and native language of the country. In this situation, completing the documentation period to live legally in the country is challenging. It makes immigrants feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and lonely. 

Problem Background

The current statistics shows that there were 280.6 million global migrants in 2020—representing close to 4 percent of the world’s 7.8 billion people. 52% of immigrants are located in Europe and Western America. In Europe there are 23.7 million non-EU citizens. Immigration has been part of the economic cycle and new opportunities. Immigration fuels the economy. In countries where immigration rate is high, productive capacity of the economy and GDP rises.Immigrants also have a huge impact on newly opened companies and small, mid sized businesses. Despite the benefits of immigration, most of the time immigrants are treated like they are stealing the job opportunities from local people. This makes immigrants feel discriminated against, lonely and worthless. 

As shown above, the target market is huge and the customer profile (immigrants) is valuable and need help to feel more likely home. One of the biggest problems of immigration is the documentation process which is approved by 16 responders out of 20 in survey results. Documentation process is about updating the visa period, get residency card. In the case of Poland (which will be the main target in MVP) there is a special document  named PESEL which is necessary to be obtained by immigrants. All the documentation needs to be done in Polish language. It is specifically difficult for new immigrants and those who don't know the local language. 

User Pain Points

People have different reasons for immigrating, such as socio-economic status, their local economies and environmental factors. However, immigrants will always have a need to complete a documentation period to officially move to Poland.It is not always the case that immigrants are capable of completing everything by themselves. In this situation, our product can help immigrants with this process.

  • I interviewed 3 target users who have already gone through their documentation period to get temporary residence cards in Poland.
  • One of them paid for random local person to fill out the document in the local language and find available time to go to the governmental institution for immigrants
  • All of them have asked from other immigrants in social media how their documentation process goes on
  • 2 of them have gone to the governmental institution multiple times because of their document is wrong or incomplete
  • All of them felt confused, frustrated during process and even thought about to go back to their home country
  • I recorded 20 survey responses.
  • 18 responds confirmed that they go through a painful documentation period
  • 12 responds mentioned that the information they get from immigrants groups are not effective and not trusted
  • All of the immigrants have gone through specific documentation period therefore, they have different problems to address


The user research, interviews and survey opened a way to see clear user pain points. In the conclusion of my research, I have decided that there are 2 main reasons for challenges in the immigrant documentation. First one is about can’t find right and related information about how to apply, which documents exactly are needed, how to fulfil them. Second one is about not having a trustworthy resource to ask questions if it is needed. 

Landing on the Solution

Based on our target users’ pain points, we knew we wanted to work on the following features. Users should be able to find reliable guides for how to apply for temporary residency cards in Poland. This guide should be informative about all the steps and show the right way to collect and fill out the documents. If a user has any question about the steps, the user should be able to connect with people who give temporary advisor service in the system. In this situation, the user and temporary advisor will be connected and the user can ask questions. In case users don’t want to get a temporary residency card, they should be able to hire professional help.

Explanation of Solution

Immigri is a platform which will help immigrants to complete the documentation period for temporary residency cards in Poland by the ways of reliable guide and professional help and will take away stress because of the legalisation process. 

In the MVP stage, I will going to focus on 3 main features:

  1. User will be able to find guide about all the necessary documents needed in temporary residency card
  2. User will be able to find people to get advisor to ask few questions if they have
  3. User will be able to handle the whole process to the professionals and find lawyer

Future Steps

In the future I would like to add features to help immigrants who don't know both the local language and English. In this situation, this type of immigrants needs a way to be able to complete the process in their own language. 


Product Manager Learnings:

Aysel Kazimova

In this period I have learned how to discover the problem correctly. Specifically, to focus on the problem rather than the solution is the biggest thing I got from this Sprint. 

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

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