Brayden Haws
Sr. Product Manager at
Professional Background

Brayden embarked on his career with aspirations of becoming a Physical Therapist but discovered a deep passion for technology along the way. Armed with an MBA/MHA and over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry, he dedicated the last four years to contributing his expertise to two healthcare tech startups. Recently, Brayden decided to step outside the healthcare realm, seeking new challenges and opportunities.

He has been actively mentoring graduate students at his alma mater, the University of Utah, for the past four years. Now, as a part of Co.Lab's mentorship, Brayden continues to channel his wealth of experience and knowledge to guide aspiring professionals.

Co.Lab Mentorship

As a Mentor, Brayden dedicates his time and expertise to guide aspiring product managers, designers, and developers. Committing 10 hours for the entire Sprint program.

Brayden has been instrumental in Sprint17, guiding mentees in 3 different countries, playing a pivotal role in the successful launch of over 29 portfolios. The ripple effect of his mentorship is evident in the noteworthy achievements of some of his mentees who have made substantial contributions at esteemed companies like Patsnap and Fitbase.

Mentored 30 students
Provided over 10 hours of personalized guidance
Helped ship 29 portfolios
Top Products

Below are some of the products that Brayden assisted his students to ship

  • Carve: A platform that simplifies the search for professionals who have made a successful career switch, offering users relatable success stories as guidance for their own career aspirations
  • Travelo: A centralized app for all your travel needs; Travelo streamlines the trip planning experience by providing personalized recommendations, in-app booking and collaboration tools. Say goodbye to excess time, stress and money spent planning, booking and coordinating trips and let Travelo do the work.
  • Full meal: A platform that aims to be meal companion to help singles or couples decide what to eat

Brayden's story serves as an inspiration, illustrating how a diverse background and commitment to mentorship can shape the careers of aspiring professionals. His Co.Lab mentorship experience stands as a beacon, inspiring others to embrace versatility, mentorship, and a passion for innovation in their professional journeys, making him a valuable asset to the Co.Lab community.

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