Osaru Ize-Iyamu

From Software Developer to Product Manager

Osaru's career transition from a skilled Software Developer to a dynamic Product Manager demonstrates his adaptability, leadership, and strategic acumen.

Osaru earned his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto Scarborough. His engagement in extracurricular activities, such as the Association of Math and Computer Science Students and the African Students Association, highlights his commitment to holistic growth.

Early Career:

Innovation Engineer at CIBC (January 2017 - April 2017)

Osaru's career began as an Innovation Engineer at CIBC, where he served as a full-stack developer. Here, he gained hands-on experience developing applications for both small business clients and internal use, showcasing his technical prowess and problem-solving skills.

Software Engineer at Index Exchange (September 2017 - December 2017)

Osaru worked as a Software Engineer at Index Exchange, contributing to the development of new features and test suites. His role also involved prototyping a new Continuous Integration system, demonstrating his innovation mindset.

Software Developer at The Source (May 2018 - Aug 2018)

At The Source, Osaru served as a full-stack web developer within an agile development team. He played a pivotal role in enhancing the E-commerce website, solidifying his expertise in web development.

Full Stack Developer at OneLocal (October 2019 - April 2022)

Osaru's role at OneLocal involved building new features and products, overseeing them from ideation to launch. This experience enriched his project management and development skills.

Transition to Product Management

Osaru's pivotal move towards Product Management came during his participation as a Product Manager at Co.Lab’s 8-week Bootcamp where led an international team, including a Product Designer and two Software Developers, in successfully launching the MVP of ✨DreamDates✨, a web application designed to help users find creative date ideas. This experience underscored his ability to lead cross-functional teams and oversee project delivery.

💼 6 months after finishing Co.Lab’s Bootcamp, Osaru landed his first Product Manager role at Shopify

Osaru currently serves as an Apprentice Product Manager at Shopify, a global e-commerce platform. In this role, he continues to leverage his technical background, user-centric approach, and leadership skills to contribute to Shopify's product development and innovation.

Osaru's journey exemplifies how a strong technical foundation, adaptability, and a commitment to user-centricity can propel one from software development to a promising career in Product Management at a renowned company like Shopify!

🎯 Transferable Skills: Osaru's background as a Software Developer equips him with a deep understanding of technology, facilitating effective communication with engineering teams and ensuring the feasibility of product ideas.

Project Management: His experience in overseeing projects from ideation to launch, both as a developer and at Co.Lab, has honed his project management skills, crucial for delivering successful products on time.

Communication and Leadership: Osaru's involvement as a Co-op Peer Coach and his participation at Co.Lab have developed his communication and leadership abilities, enabling him to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams and advocate for user-centric product development.

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