Nathanael Richards

From Film Professional to Product Manager

Nathanael holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) with Honors in Cinematography and Film/Video Production from York University, which speaks to his creative and technical skills in the world of media and video production.

Early Career Roles:

  • NISR Video Productions (Sep 2017 - Present): Nathanael's early career as a Lead Video Producer at NISR Video Productions allowed him to hone his video production and editing skills. He worked with various clients, demonstrating his ability to deliver high-quality digital content.
  • YANGAROO (Feb 2016 - Sep 2021): Nathanael's role as Client Support, Advertising Team Lead at YANGAROO provided him with valuable management and operational experience. He managed teams, coordinated with clients and vendors, and played a crucial role in improving workflow efficiency through database management.

Transition to Product Management

Nathanael's transition towards a Product Manager role began with Co.Lab’s bootcamp program. This experience likely exposed him to the world of technology and product development, where he could leverage his existing skills while acquiring new ones. During the program, he created and launched Good Boss where he worked closely with a UX Designer and Software Developer to create a product MVP within a tight timeframe. His responsibilities included product specification, vision outlining, and project management.

💼 Three months after finishing Co.Lab’s bootcamp program, he landed his first Product role at TELUS

Currently, Nathanael serves as a Product Manager in SVOD Content Operations at TELUS. This role involves managing content-related products and operations within a tech and telecommunications company.

Nathanael's journey from a background in Cinematography to a Product Manager showcases how one can thrive in roles that require a blend of creativity, technical expertise, and project management skills!

🎯 Transferable Skills: Nathanael's background in video production and his roles in client support and management provided him with a diverse skill set, including project management, technical troubleshooting, and creative content creation.

Adaptability: His transition into product management highlights his adaptability and willingness to explore new career avenues, which is a valuable trait in the tech industry.

Apprenticeships: Nathanael's experience with Co.Lab demonstrates how apprenticeships and short-term experiences can help individuals make successful transitions into new career paths.

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