Muse Guo

From Strategy & Planning Analyst to Product Manager

Muse began her career journey in roles that provided valuable skills applicable to product management. Before becoming a Product Manager, Muse worked as a Strategy & Planning Analyst for theScore, where she developed skills in data analysis, strategy, and business analysis, all of which are crucial in product management.

Muse holds an Honours Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Economics and Psychology from the University of Toronto. This diverse educational foundation equipped her with critical thinking skills and a deep understanding of human behavior, which would later prove invaluable in her product management career.

Transition to Product Management

Muse's transition to a Product Manager role began when she joined Co.Lab’s bootcamp program and started working on a project called ✨HelloStocks✨. Here, she demonstrated her ability to define problems, analyze markets, and lead a cross-functional team of developers and a designer.

💼 Three months after finishing Co.Lab’s bootcamp program, Muse landed her first Product role at theScore

Muse continued her journey as a Product Manager at theScore, focusing on Player Account Management, KYC, and Acquisition. Her skills in user research, product strategy, and agile methodologies proved instrumental in this role.

Currently, Muse is a Growth Product Manager at Cadre in New York. This position showcases her growth in the product management field, where she is likely responsible for driving the growth of Cadre's products.

Muse's journey to becoming a Growth Product Manager showcases that with the right blend of skills, adaptability, and a commitment to learning, one can successfully transition into and thrive in the field of product management, regardless of their initial career path!

🎯 Diverse Background: Muse's educational background in Economics and Psychology, combined with her varied work experiences, demonstrates the value of a multidisciplinary approach to a career in product management.

Continuous Learning: Muse's journey emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adaptability. She leveraged her skills from previous roles to excel in product management. Programs like Co.Lab offer opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to break into the tech industry and succeed in roles like Product Management.

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