Junaid Chisty

From Finance Graduate to Product Manager

Junaid Chisty's journey from a Finance graduate to a successful Product Manager showcases his determination, adaptability, and the transferable skills he leveraged during his career transition.Junaid laid the foundation for his career with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Florida State University. His academic journey equipped him with analytical thinking, financial acumen, and a strong work ethic, which served as valuable assets throughout his career.

Early Career Roles:

After graduation, Junaid embarked on a diverse career path, which included roles like Data Analyst at Papa, Consultant at Alight Solutions, and even a stint as a Growth Marketer at JoyRun, Inc. These roles introduced him to data analysis, project management, and marketing, providing him with a versatile skill set.

Transition to Product Management

Junaid's transition into Product Management began with his participation in Co.Lab, which played a pivotal role in shaping his career. Here, he was able to launch Hostey with the help of his team of designer and developers.

💼 After one month of graduating from the program, he was accepted in a Product internship at Chatbooks. Four months later, he became an Associate Product Manager at Artera

His internship as a Product Manager at Chatbooks allowed him to lead product development and strategy. Here, he learned to define objectives and create roadmaps, essential skills for a Product Manager.

Junaid's roles at Artera and Click Therapeutics, Inc. as an Associate Product Manager were significant milestones. These positions gave him hands-on experience in product management within the healthcare and technology sectors.

Junaid's journey to becoming a Product Manager is a testament to his adaptability and willingness to learn. His participation in Co.Lab and the skills he gained through diverse roles helped him bridge the gap between finance and product management. His transition showcases the importance of transferable skills and continuous learning in pursuing a successful career change.

🎯 Relevant Transferable Skills: Junaid's background in Finance and his experience as a Data Analyst equipped him with strong analytical skills. This skill is invaluable for assessing product performance and making data-driven decisions.

Project Management: His roles at Alight Solutions and JoyRun, Inc. involved project management and leadership, which are essential skills for overseeing product development and coordinating cross-functional teams.

Marketing Experience: His stint as a Growth Marketer honed his understanding of user behavior and customer acquisition strategies, providing insights beneficial for product management.

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