Jake Hughson

Customer Success Manager to Product Manager II

Jake's transition from Customer Success Account Manager to Product Manager is characterized by his dedication to communication, leadership, and client relations. His active involvement in Co.Lab and his previous product management roles provided hands-on experience in user research, agile methodologies, and product execution.

Jake holds a B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems from James Madison University. His educational background in technology and business provides a strong foundation for understanding the technical and strategic aspects of product management. He also obtained the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification, showcasing his commitment to expanding his technical knowledge.

Early Career Roles:

Customer Success Manager at Microsoft (July 2019 - February 2022)

Jake embarked on his journey to becoming a Product Manager from a background as a Customer Success Account Manager at Microsoft. In this role, he worked towards empowering the Department of Defense to achieve more through cloud computing and collaboration. This experience equipped him with valuable skills in communication, collaboration, and client relations, which are highly relevant in a Product Manager role.

Transition to Product Management

One of the turning points in Jake's journey was his participation in Co.Lab as a Product Manager. Here, he led a development and design team to build ✨Storri✨, a learning product, aimed at improving early-in-career professionals' ability to connect, inspire, and engage using storytelling. His hands-on experience in conducting user research, working with designers, and managing the product's execution in an agile fashion laid the foundation for his transition into product management.

💼 After 11 months of finishing Co.Lab’s Bootcamp, Jake was promoted at Microsoft to become a Product Manager II

Jake's unique blend of communication, leadership, and technical skills positions him as a well-rounded Product Manager who can bridge the gap between technical teams and customers while driving product success. Today, he continues to make a significant impact in his role as a Product Manager at Microsoft's Mixed Reality division.

🎯 Transferable skills:  Prior to joining Co.Lab, Jake worked as a Product Manager at CUED-In, where he collaborated with a cross-functional team to build a web platform for students, counselors, teachers, local businesses, and parents to streamline the college and career search process. He validated solutions through user testing, presented progress to stakeholders, defined product requirements, and contributed to web development, data visualization, user interviews, and UI/UX testing.

Leadership and Management Experience: Jake successfully led teams, achieved top sales results, managed budgets, and developed strategies for growth. These experiences honed his leadership, coaching, and mentoring skills, which are valuable when leading cross-functional product teams.

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