Gabby Larios

From Software Engineer to Product Manager

Gabby's journey from a Software Engineer to a Product Manager is a testament to her adaptability and the valuable skills she cultivated along the way.Gabby's foundation in Computer Science, with a minor in Astronomy from the University of Maryland, laid the groundwork for her tech career.

This academic background provided her with a strong analytical mindset and problem-solving skills, which are critical for both engineering and product management roles.

Early Career:

  • Software Engineer at Leidos (June 2017 - September 2019)Starting her career as a Software Engineer, Gabby honed her technical expertise and learned how to work with data and automation tools. Her role required her to configure software and develop automated solutions, resulting in significant resource savings and system improvements. During her time at Leidos, she also took on leadership roles, serving as a technical leader and Scrum Master for various projects. This experience helped her develop essential leadership and project management skills.
  • Product Manager at Leidos (September 2019 - May 2023)
  • Gabby was eventually promoted at Leidos to become a Product Manager where she developed business acumen to scope new product opportunities, articulate risks,and incorporate agile methodologies into a product road-map and its execution. During this time she was also a student at Co.Lab’s Product Management programs.

Transition to Product Management

Gabby's participation in Co.Lab’s 4-week Sprint and 8-week Bootcamp program played a significant role in her transition. She was able to lead a team of developers and a designer to launch ✨ZenPark

💼 Three months after graduating from Co.Lab’s Bootcamp, Gabby landed her second Product role at Pendulum Systems

At Pendulum Systems, Gabby spearheaded the development of autonomy software for unmanned surface vessels, leading a multidisciplinary team of engineers. Her experience in coordinating with product managers and R&D teams to improve software sustainability and articulate risks was invaluable. Moreover, she embraced agile methodologies and managed backlogs to align with the product vision. This transition showcased her ability to bridge the gap between technical teams and business stakeholders, a fundamental skill for product managers.

Gabby's journey from Software Engineer to Product Manager demonstrates how a strong educational background, technical proficiency, leadership experience, and the ability to collaborate in dynamic environments can pave the way for a successful career transition in the tech industry.

Collaborative environments like Co.Lab foster cross-functional teamwork, encourage innovative thinking, and promote effective communication – all of which are key skills for a Product Manager. Her experience working in such settings likely enhanced her ability to lead multidisciplinary teams in her Product Manager role.

🎯 Transferable Skills: Gabby's background as a Software Engineer equipped her with a deep understanding of software development, which is crucial for evaluating technical feasibility and managing development teams.

Project Management: Her experience as a Scrum Master and technical leader honed her project management skills, enabling her to effectively coordinate cross-functional teams and drive projects to successful completion.

Analytical Thinking: Gabby's educational foundation in Computer Science cultivated her analytical thinking abilities, enabling her to assess complex problems and make data-driven decisions as a Product Manager.

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