Biyanka Datta

From Actuarial Analyst to Product Manager

Meet Biyanka, a talented Senior Product Manager, who has defied traditional career paths to become a dynamic leader in product management.

Biyanka holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics obtained from University of Waterloo. She began her career as an Actuarial Analyst, working with top companies such as Sun Life and Munich Re. During this time, she honed essential analytical, data, and communication skills.

Transition to Product Management

Biyanka's pivotal transition to the tech industry took place when she enrolled in Co.Lab's Product Management program from July 2021 to September 2021. Over the course of eight weeks, she spearheaded a cross-functional team, successfully developing and launching a web platform called My-Time.

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💼 A few days before finishing Co.Lab’s bootcamp, Biyanka landed her first Product role at BuildOps!

Her career journey continued at BuildOps, where she served as a Product Manager, contributing significantly to enhancing the company's time tracking and labor experience. Biyanka also acted as a mentor at York University, imparting her product management expertise to aspiring PM professionals.

Biyanka's journey exemplifies the limitless possibilities when one dares to explore unconventional career paths, underscoring that with the right skills and mindset, one can excel in diverse fields, even from an actuarial background.

🎯 Transferable Skills: Biyanka’s analytical prowess from actuarial roles seamlessly integrated with product management, emphasizing the importance of analytical skills in both domains.

Continuous Learning: Embracing opportunities like Co.Lab's program facilitated her transition, highlighting the value of lifelong learning.

Adaptability: Her journey demonstrates that with determination and a willingness to adapt, one can transition to a fulfilling career in product management.

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