Fnane Berhane

From Financial Analyst to Product Manager

Meet Fnane, he holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering obtained from University of Waterloo.

Fnane initially started his career as a Financial Analyst at Deloitte Canada. During this time, he developed crucial skills in data analysis, project management, and risk assessment. These skills would prove valuable in his journey towards product management.

Transition to Product Management

Fnane’s transition began with participation in Product Buds, a 7-week immersive program for Product Managers. Here, he learned to conceptualize and pitch new product ideas through cross-functional collaboration, workshops, and mentorship. This experience introduced him to the world of product management.

Fnane's dedication to product management continued with an 8-week bootcamp at Co.Lab, where he worked on ✨Spendr✨ a web app designed to help users manage their weekly spending goals. Here, he defined problems, led a team of developers and a designer, conducted user research, and managed product development.

💼 10 months after finishing Co.Lab’s bootcamp, Fnane landed his first Product role at Shopify

In this role, he's responsible for driving product development and strategy, contributing to Shopify's continuous growth and success.

Fnane's career shift from Financial Analyst to Product Manager demonstrates that with the right mindset, adaptability, and a commitment to learning, it's possible to make significant career changes and excel in diverse fields. His journey is an inspiration for those looking to pursue a similar path!

🎯 Transferable Skills: Fnane's analytical and project management skills from his financial analyst background seamlessly transferred to his role as a Product Manager.

Lifelong Learning: His journey highlights the importance of continuous learning and seeking opportunities to gain new skills.

Persistence: Fnane's determination and willingness to explore different career paths led to his successful transition.

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