Ayobami Ayodeji

From Engineer to Product Manager

Ayobami's journey from an engineer to a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft showcases his adaptability, technical expertise, and leadership skills that enabled him to excel in the field of Product Management.

He obtained a Master of Industrial Engineering degree with an emphasis in Data Science and Analytics from University of Toronto. Ayobami also took up BAS, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering from University of Windsor.

Transition to Product Management

Ayobami's transition to Product Management started when he joined Co.Lab’s first bootcamp cohort as a Product Manager. There he led a team of developers and a designer to launch ✨BlackMINT✨.

His role as a co-founder and product lead at BlackMINT demonstrates his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership capabilities. This experience allowed him to actively shape and lead a product, gaining valuable insights into product development.

💼 Three months after finishing Co.Lab’s Bootcamp, Ayobami landed his first Product Manager role in Microsoft

Senior Program Manager, Azure Technical Strategy at Microsoft (Mar 2022 - Present):In his current role, Ayobami manages programs and products that help Microsoft customers succeed with Azure's Kubernetes and supporting services. This position requires a deep understanding of technical strategy, customer needs, and product management.

Ayobami's transition from an engineer to a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft was made possible by his strong technical foundation, leadership capabilities, and problem-solving skills developed during his engineering career. His diverse experiences, including co-founding a startup and leading technology initiatives, have equipped him with the transferable skills and insights necessary for success in the field of Product Management.To learn more about Ayobami’s experiences, please feel free to read further here

🎯 Transferable skills: Ayobami's background as an engineer equipped him with the technical knowledge necessary to understand and navigate the complexities of Azure's Kubernetes and supporting services. This expertise allows him to effectively manage technical programs and products.

Project and Program Management: As an engineer, Ayobami likely gained experience in managing projects and workflows efficiently. These project management skills seamlessly transferred to his role as a Program Manager, where he oversees complex programs and initiatives.

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