Archie Han

From Sociology Graduate to Product Manager

Archie laid the foundation for his career by earning a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Queen's University in 2020. This academic experience equipped him with valuable analytical and research skills, which would prove beneficial in his transition to product management.

Early Career Roles:

Sr. Ad Operations Specialist at theScore (Oct 2021 - Apr 2023)

  • Archie embarked on his tech career as a Sr. Ad Operations Specialist at theScore. In this role, he developed a strong foundation in digital advertising operations and gained experience in optimizing ad campaigns, which exposed him to the digital product landscape and user experience considerations.

Transition to Product Management

One of the pivotal moments in Archie's transition to product management was his participation in Co.Lab as a Product Manager. During his time at Co.Lab, he led the development of ✨Pack-Way✨, an ultimate packing checklist web app for campers and hikers. This experience allowed him to apply his analytical skills and collaborate with a cross-functional team to bring a digital product from concept to execution.

Archie's role in defining product requirements, managing the product, and his leadership experience during this project demonstrated his potential as a product manager. His proficiency in using tools like Figma for design and his ability to effectively communicate and lead were instrumental in this endeavor.

💼 After 7 months of finishing Co.Lab’s Bootcamp, landed his first Product role at Canada Post

Archie further solidified his transition to product management by working as an Assistant Product Manager at Canada Post. In this role, he gained experience in cross-functional team leadership, agile methodologies, product road mapping, and product management practices. His role in Canada Post allowed him to dive deeper into the world of product management and expand his skill set.

Archie's transition from a Customer Success Manager to a Product Manager was marked by his educational background in sociology, early experience in the tech industry, and a pivotal role in Co.Lab, where he led the development of a digital product. His subsequent roles in tech companies, including theScore and Canada Post, solidified his expertise in product management. Today, as an Assistant Product Manager at Canada Post, he continues to leverage his skills in cross-functional leadership, agile methodologies, and product road mapping to drive product success.

🎯 Transferable skills:  Archie acquired a diverse skill set, including cross-functional team leadership, Scrum methodology, agile methodologies, product road mapping, and product management.

Willingness to learn: His proficiency in using tools like Jira Align and Figma, as well as his public speaking and leadership abilities, positioned him as a well-rounded candidate for a product management role.

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