Akki Loganathan

From Business Analyst to Product Manager

Akki is a dynamic and results-driven Product Manager with a remarkable journey of transitioning from a Business Analyst to a pivotal role in product development and management. Her professional evolution has been marked by notable achievements, and she has honed several transferable skills that have been instrumental in her career growth.

Transition to Product Management

A turning point in Akki's transition to product management was her participation at Co.Lab as a Product Manager. Here, she led a cross-functional team in creating ✨SoCal✨, an E-commerce app, from ideation to execution. Akki conducted user interviews, analyzed data, developed user personas, and translated product strategy into detailed specs, showcasing her product discovery and delivery skills.

💼 Before joining Co.Lab’s Bootcamp, Akki already landed her first Product role at Fable

Akki refined her product management expertise as a Product Manager at Fable and focused on an accessibility-focused learning platform. Her work in sprint planning, stakeholder management, and feature prioritization demonstrated her ability to drive product success.

Akki's transition from a Business Analyst to a Product Manager is a testament to her dedication and continuous skill development. Her background in stakeholder management, agile methodologies, and customer-centricity provided a strong foundation for her product management career.

🎯 Transferable skills: Akki's career progression began with roles like Business Analyst & Scrum Master at BMO Financial Group and Project Manager & Business Systems Analyst at Roche. In these roles, she developed the ability to understand stakeholder needs, interpret complex data, and recommend solutions, all vital skills for a Product Manager.

Agile Methodologies and Product Delivery: As a Scrum Master at BMO, Akki enforced Kanban principles, reducing cycle time and increasing the team's throughput. This experience equipped her with valuable knowledge of agile methodologies, a cornerstone of modern product management.

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