Kevin Behan
Sr. Product Manager at Coursera
Professional Background

Kevin boasts seven years of experience in the EdTech sector, currently holding the position of Sr. Product Manager at Coursera. His passion for education extends beyond his professional role, delving into learning science, market dynamics, and the philosophies of influential thinkers such as John Dewey and Neil Postman.

In addition to his work at Coursera, Kevin is actively engaged in sharing his insights through a monthly newsletter focused on the science of emotion. Furthermore, he manages an emotional intelligence app called Joinvibes, reflecting his dedication to leveraging technology for personal development.

Co.Lab Mentorship

As a Mentor, Kevin dedicates his time and expertise to guide aspiring product managers, designers, and developers. Committing 3-4 hours per week over an 8-week period for the Bootcamp program.

Kevin's influence extends beyond the individual; his impactful contributions were pivotal in the success of COLAB14. Through his mentorship, mentees played a vital role in the successful launch of a groundbreaking product, a testament to the transformative power of mentorship. Noteworthy are the achievements of Kevin's product management mentee, now making waves at Kaiser Permanente.

Mentored 4 students
Provided over 32 hours of personalized guidance
Top Products

Below is the product that Kevin assisted his students to ship

  • Ahoy: A web app that aims to find people around you who have similar interests and are open to meet
Mentor Reviews
  • “Kevin was a very helpful mentor!”
  • “He is probably the best mentor I have ever had. He was very thorough with feedback whenever he could. He was also open to 1:1 calls apart from the group calls. He shared excellent resources and I feel I made a mentor for life! He asked some very good questions to make us think. I'll try and always be in touch with him. He is a mentor and a great friend!”

With a wealth of experience in the EdTech sector, Kevin brought invaluable insights to the Co.Lab mentorship journey. Kevin's  journey stands as an example of how an industry expert's guidance can empower and propel mentees towards impactful contributions in their respective fields, embodying the spirit of collaboration and growth within the Co.Lab community.

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