Emily Siu
Sr. Product Manager at Varicent
Professional Background

Emily began her career as a business product manager for payments in banking, moved on to a role as a tech product owner, and then made the shift into the data realm. During her efforts to break into the tech industry, Emily faced challenges, encountering rejection due to a lack of experience in agile environments and collaboration with development teams.

Guided by supportive mentors who played a crucial role in her career switches, Emily is passionate about extending the same encouragement to others seeking entry into the field. Her commitment to helping individuals overcome barriers and enter the tech domain reflects her dedication to fostering inclusivity and growth.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Emily finds joy in playing volleyball, engaging in Latin dancing, and exploring diverse cultures. Her multifaceted interests contribute to a well-rounded and vibrant life outside of the professional sphere.

Co.Lab Mentorship

As a mentor, Emily commits her time and expertise to guide product managers, designers, and developers. Devoting 3-4 hours weekly during the 8-week Bootcamp and 7-9 hours for the entire Sprint program.

Emily's impact is felt across diverse Co.Lab cohorts—SPRINT18, COLAB16, and COLAB23—where she guides mentees spanning five different countries. Her contributions extend beyond borders, resulting in the successful launch of numerous products and portfolios.

Importantly, Emily's PM mentees have left a lasting mark, making significant contributions at companies like RBC and In the Lab Product Management. Their success stories resonate as echoes of Emily's guidance and the transformative power of mentorship.

Mentored 42 students
Provided over 80 hours of personalized guidance
Helped ship 4 products and 30 portfolios

Top Products

Below are some of the products that Emily assisted her students to ship

  • PantryPal: An app that would enable users to get creative meal ideas at their fingertips.
  • HomeStretch: A platform that will help users discover their dream home with guidance and ease
  • WorkWise: a chrome extension that allows users to apply for jobs across multiple platforms through a single interface.

Mentor Reviews
  • “Emily gave helpful feedback and was a generally great mentor”
  • “She was open to meeting during our scheduled time as well as extra times when I felt I really needed a little push or was stuck and kept me grounded during several sessions.”
  • “Extremely responsive and easy to get along with as well as receptive to meeting me where I was at and offering suggestions”
  • “Gave good guidance in the early stages when our team was a bit stuck with direction. She's kind and good at what she does!”
  • “She was helpful and was good at providing feedback to point us in the right direction”
  • “Great at keeping us focused on MVP vs. features which was helpful to me as a developer from keeping us from getting too far ahead of ourselves”

As a Co.Lab Mentor, Emily's impact is undeniable. Her involvement in guiding mentees across various programs showcases her dedication to shape aspiring tech professionals. Emily's Co.Lab mentorship experience highlights the profound impact a mentor can have on students, encouraging them to overcome obstacles and flourish in the industry.

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