Diego von Sohsten
Director of Product at Vidyard
Professional Background

As an immigrant (Brazilian-turned-Canadian), like many, Diego had to work hard to make his way to a product leadership role speaking another language, being in a new country. 6 years have passed and he encountered many similar scenarios, where Product folks want to evolve their skills, but they don't know how.

He had an amazing mentor and wanted to be like that person to others. Diego has been offering both free, with focus on underrepresented groups, and paid coaching for quite a while.

Co.Lab Mentorship

As a Mentor, Diego dedicates his time and expertise to guide aspiring product managers, designers, and developers. Committing 3-4 hours per week over an 8-week period for the Bootcamp.

Diego's influence extends to COLAB17, where he has been instrumental in guiding mentees across two different countries. His contributions are not just instructional but transformative, leading to the successful launch of 2 products.

Mentored 10 students
Provided over 65 hours of personalized guidance
Helped ship 2 products
Top Products

Below are some of the products that Diego assisted his students to ship

  • ParkInn: A mobile app for city drivers looking to quickly and easily find a parking spot
  • Festa: A web app for to discover Electronic Dance Music (EDM) concerts and music festivals

Mentor Reviews
  • “Diego was amazing! He was always there for us when we needed him and pointed us in the right direction when things seemed to be going off track at times. He provided great resources when we needed him the most, highly recommend him!”
  • “Always ready to assist and give feedback to the team”
  • “Diego is a great mentor. He provided great feedback and provided structure in our meetings which is appreciated. He shared some alternative resources to help guide us during our defining problem phase which I got to learn about a few approaches to problem solving. Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about Diego”
  • “Diego has been an exceptional mentor throughout our program. He has a unique ability to simplify complex concepts and make them understandable, which has significantly enhanced our learning experience”

Diego's narrative strikes a chord with individuals navigating career obstacles. He doesn't just contribute to the launch of products but plays a pivotal role in shaping the journeys of aspiring professionals globally, especially for underrepresented groups. He inspires us to recognize the potential in mentorship, emphasizing that by guiding others, we collectively contribute to a future of innovation and success.

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