Deb Roy Chowdhury
Head of Product at InfinyOn
Professional Background

Deb is a data engineer turned product lead with experience and expertise in complex data platforms and products. He has an extensive experience delivering products and solutions in health tech, ed tech, hr tech, automotive, and eCommerce.

Co.Lab Mentorship

As a Mentor, Deb dedicates his time and expertise to guide aspiring product managers, designers, and developers. Committing 3-4 hours per week over an 8-week period for the Bootcamp. Deb has been instrumental in COLAB16, guiding mentees across 3 different countries and contributing to the successful launch of 2 products.

Mentored 10 students
Provided over 70 hours of personalized guidance
Helped ship 2 products

Top Products

Below are some of the products that Deb assisted his students to ship

  • Discourse: A social networking app for college students
  • JobCom: A platform that aims to help Tech International Students in Australia to showcase their talents through a stand-out portfolio.

Mentor Reviews
  • “Deb, he is a great mentor and great source of knowledge and inspiration. Happy to be his mentee”
  • “He taught us a big picture of the product development process. He's on time and care for the team (outside Co.Lab journey, e.g. follow up the job hunting progress, what we want to do next, what we want to achieve, etc.)”
  • “My mentor, Deb (DRC), was so phenomenal. Deb offered support and guidance all through our journey and I was able to learn a lot from him”
  • “Debadyuti was an amazing mentor. He really helped and guided us throughout our product development process, sharing with us his ideas and resources on how to build a great product from finetuning our product backlog and our key value proposition, and advised us on product development and scaling”

Deb's mentorship ethos mirrors his diverse professional background, fostering a collaborative environment for growth and product development. His dedication to the Co.Lab community adds a valuable chapter to the collective success story.

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