WOW, look what these teams of techies did!

See the products our COLAB5 teams have built and shipped on their Co.Lab journeys!

Clare Untalan
July 14, 2021

Peek a boo - we're back with some exciting news on our Co.Lab community!

After 8 weeks of working together, the COLAB5 Co.Laborators have shipped their products! From accountability to sustainability, our COLAB5 teams have tackled diverse problem spaces and have built unique solutions to solve them!

Check out all the COLAB5 products and try them out! Don’t forget to leave a like and comment your feedback, thoughts, and support! (Your feedback is extremely important!)

Team YourRoomz

YourRoomz is a web-application that enables users to efficiently find the missing pieces that complement their existing living-room furniture by meeting them at their current stage of the home furnishing journey.

Team Co.Buddy

Co.Buddy helps young tech professionals develop new skills by beating procrastination and inactivity through peer accountability.

Team Meals Made Easy

Meals Made Easy enables individuals to plan their meals effortlessly.

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Team Amplifyy

Amplifyy is a centralized platform for users to access relevant resources to support the AAPI community.

Team Middleground

Middleground is a chrome extension with an accompanying web application that bursts your bubble & tackles media bias.

Team Recyycle

Recyycle is a crowdsourcing web application that enables users to share what and where to recycle in their location.

Want to view all the projects from #COLAB5? Check out our projects page for more! Don’t forget to show some love by liking and providing your feedback on our website!

And for all product managers, developers, designers in the space who want to build a product of their own from the ground up - this is your chance to sign up for our upcoming cohort! Unleash your creativity and coding prowess 🚀🚀🚀

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