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Spring 2021 Cohort


April 24, 2021


May 8, 2021


June 19, 2021

Co.Laborators have said...

“Working in sprints with our PM and Developer helped me to understand the realities of development, providing me with valuable, real life experience! I've grown as a Designer and am more confident!”

Fall 2020

Rochelle C.

“I haven't had much opportunity to work in cross-functional teams and this program was a great chance to do so. I know my pod members and I will continue to keep in touch.”

Summer 2020

Criselda T.

“We worked closely with our target customers, and actually built a product they loved. I feel like this program probably changed my life. And I feel like it could potentially change yours as well.”


Ayo A.

“Co.Lab was a great place to connect with other tech professionals that I wasn't able to experience at my bootcamp. I definitely recommend this program to anyone starting out their tech career.”


Lori C.

“Co.Lab has huge potential to help someone in the beginning of their product journey out. I will recommend it to anyone I know trying to break into product.”

Fall 2020

Ilan R.

“Co.Lab gave me an opportunity to work in a team environment with designers and PMs. We got to test our products with users and worked on implementing their recommendations.”

Fall 2020

Femi O.

“I met a lot of brilliant minds at Co.Lab, that I don’t think I would’ve met otherwise. And on top of that, the experience I gained really helped me find and hone my voice as a designer.”

Fall 2020

Semire B.

“Co.Lab provides key practical work experience that hiring managers want to see. I was able to connect with several employees of what turned out to be my future employer!”

Fall 2020

Krista R.

“Co.Lab challenged me intellectually, and gave me a supportive community that inspired me every day. I got much more from the program than I expected, and am forever grateful.”

Fall 2020

Alex L.

“What set Co.Lab apart for me is the real-life project component that I hadn’t seen anywhere before. I truly felt I was able to experience the entire product development process.”

Fall 2020

Brooke J.

“Co.Lab was 100% worth the time and energy. Coming from the finance industry, I now feel ready to take that next step in applying for jobs in tech!”

Fall 2020

Hannah L.

“This was a fantastic journey and it provided me the combination of practical experience and community support that I never would have gotten anywhere else.”

Fall 2020

Karo O.

“Co.Lab was a phenomenal experience for me. I feel more confident as a PM early in my product journey and feel more comfortable for any product interviews ahead.”

Fall 2020

Manav K.

“Co.Lab is worthwhile for gaining much needed experience working with cross-functional teams. Super supportive all around, no matter what your level of experience is!”

Fall 2020

Heather S.

“It’s an actual full-on experience. After taking Co.Lab, I have more confidence that Product Management is definitely something that I can do.


Chinenye E

“With my non-traditional background, Co.Lab inspired a newfound commitment to keep building & breaking things into the future. Calling it a fulfilling experience would be an understatement!”


Sam W.

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From code to product

It's not just about writing code by yourself, it's about building products with a team

Manage Scope

Investigate various product requirements from the team and report your findings to maintain feasibility of the project.

Make Trade Offs

Decide between time, scope, and quality when managing the progress and timeline of the project throughout the program.

Ship to Users

Manage release expectations, fix outstanding bugs, and ship your product features regularly to real customers for continuous value.

Be Safe to Try

Co.Lab provides a safe and inclusive space for all the questions you didn’t think you could ask. We’re all here to help one another succeed.

Professional References

Form friendships and working relationships with cross-discipline coworkers. Leverage your networks and create a name for yourself!

Ongoing community

Be part of a close-knit community, committed to supporting and celebrating one another. And once a Co.Laborator, always a Co.Laborator.

Support from industry leaders

Be part of an inclusive and supportive environment, with dedicated mentors and industry experts looking to invest in your success


Software Engineer II


Engineering Manager


Sr. Software Developer


Software Engineer II


Software Engineer II


Software Engineer II

Our 6-week program

Simulating the real work environment, to give you the practical experience employers are looking for


You must be able to demonstrate some coding abilities (graduated from a bootcamp, self-taught or equivalent), and can commit to at least 15-20 hours per week.

WEEK 1: Team match

Meet your team and learn more about the project. Discuss scope, timeline and feasibility and investigate the technical details about the project.

WEEK 2: technical scoping

Consider the technical architecture, choose your tech stack and provide estimates to help your team plan for the project.


Implement mockups, make tradeoffs on design complexity, cut scope if necessary and demo progress to your team.

Demo day: present your work

Prepare to pitch and demo your MVP to expert judges from industry.

WEEK 6: wrap up and celebrations

Wrap up your project, making time to celebrate your hard work!

Apply as a Software Developer

spring 2021

Software Development Track

May 8 - June 19


  • 3-mth payments of $150
  • Full team match
  • Two industry mentors
  • Live classes & workshops
  • Full access to community
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