Co.Lab's First Joint Demo Day: Come celebrate with us!

Co.Lab's Demo Day is fast approaching and this time we're doing something different. Join our community for a day of fun and learning!

Francis del Rosario
May 10, 2023

It has been almost 2 years since we at Co.Lab started our mission of keeping entry to tech as accessible as possible. And it’s been a wild ride! Full of ups and downs, but was (and still is) ultimately worth every bit of effort.

Both of our Co-Founders, Sefunmi and Helen, do not belong to your usual profile of someone entering the tech industry. With Sefunmi having an Applied Science degree and an international student from Nigeria, and Helen having an Earth Science degree and a first-generation Canadian originally from China, breaking into the North American tech market was simply an unlikely prospect.

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But ‘unlikely’ does not mean ‘impossible’.

Only that the way towards a tech role can be difficult, if not straight-up frustrating, if you don't fit a certain mold. In a way, these frustrations culminated into what Co.Lab is now - a helpful community our co-founders hoped they had when they were just starting out.

Next week, Friday (May 19, 12 pm EST), Co.Lab is celebrating its 17th (or 20th??) end-of-cohort celebration (Demo Day) and you’re all invited!

Hold up! Why are you unsure which cohort demo day am I supposed to attend?’

Well .. that’s because it’s our first time to hold a joint Demo Day between our Sprint and Bootcamp programs!

Pixel map showing a beach to take a photo on
Previous cohort celebration event space held on We're currently using Zoom, but we'd love to go back to holding these again!

Holding our first joint Demo Day!

The Co.Lab program is subdivided into three tracks: the Product Management, Product Design, and Software Development tracks. Together, they comprise our 8-week bootcamp where students work together in a cross-functional, agile environment and ship a live product from scratch.

However, our recent learnings identify that aspiring Product Managers tend to lag in a cross-functional environment if they don’t have the necessary theoretical foundations. And so, welcome to the 4-week Sprint Ideation program!

Pixel map showing a park with little sprites acting as avatars for students
Previous Co.Lab Demo Day screenshot.

Both programs have different schedules and separate events. This time, however, we’d like to try something different and hold their Demo Days together. It's going to be fun watching all the selected presentations, getting to ask questions, and having a great time with fellow aspiring techies.

Do you want to know what it takes to build a portfolio in the tech space? 

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