A Day of Celebration

Recap on COLAB4’s Product Showcase Day

June 16, 2021

🎉 6 weeks. 15 teams. 53 Co.Laborators. 🎉

Yet another season flew by and before we knew it, COLAB4’s Product Showcase Day had arrived. It was a day of achievements, of celebration, and of cathartic joy after hours of hard work and dedication.

So many amazing products, so many brilliant teams. If you’ve missed us on June 12, not to worry! We’re bringing you a recap of the incredible pitches that our three highlighted teams delivered:

🚀 Sarabot

🚀 Ebb

🚀 Pzzzowhead

Want to watch the whole event? Got you covered there--catch the entire showcase on our Youtube channel:

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Throughout the course of COLAB4, we encouraged not only the cohort and mentors to vote for their favourite product ideas of choice, but the entire YBIT community. Well, you have spoken. Here are the teams featured on Showcase Day!


By now, we’re sure that most of us know the pains of remote-working, especially for those just starting a new job. It can be hard to connect with your team and navigate the ins and outs of a new company.

That’s why Christine, Liwam, Sara, and Stef got together and created Sarabot, a Slack bot that facilitates meaningful conversations and connections between remote employees and their colleagues.


It’s super common to see GIFs and embedded videos placed in websites. In fact, 1 in 4 of site pages have GIFs! It’s exciting and grabs attention--but it can also create major setbacks in experience for users with neurological and sensory conditions.

Digital accessibility is a crucial component in web development (rightfully so!). Fawkes, Francis, Franco, and Tram came up with Ebb. It’s a Chrome extension that minimizes GIFs and CSS animations, so the web-browsing experience are enhanced for neurodivergent users.


How many of you haven’t had a good 7-8 hours of sleep over the past few weeks? Don’t lie...I see you 👀 With our mobile devices always within arm’s reach, it’s easy to lose track of time, get sucked into an endless pit of social media, and fall into a cycle of poor sleeping habits.

Introducing, Pzzzowhead! Talise, Ashley, and Andrew teamed up to create an app that guides, educates, and help users maintain a custom, healthier sleep schedule. It features encouragement through reminders, relevant education, and engaging gamification.



Pantry is a mobile app aiming to help households reduce food waste. Depending on what leftover ingredients you have in your fridge, Pantry can recommend recipes so you don’t need to throw food out!


Hellostocks is a web application that makes stock research easier and digestible for users starting out in their investment journey. We sat down with the team’s designer, Yeyen, a few weeks earlier to learn about her career progression--check it out!

A HUGE congratulations to all of our COLAB4 pods. What started out as a big group of strangers had ended up with 15 products, ready to be shipped and served to real users. All brilliant ideas 👏👏 and we can’t wait to see where the future takes them!

Of course, the event wouldn’t have been without our wonderful judges for this season. Big shoutout to Sib H., Jenny S., and Louis B.


COLAB4 may be ending but the vision goes on! We’ve already heard from several teams that these amazing products will be continuously worked on. Co.Lab will share all of the cohort’s products on our Projects page if you’re interested to see what else was cooked up.

And curious to see the previous cohort’s ideas? We also have a recap from last season’s Demo Day where all of the teams presented their pitch:

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