Succeeding as an Associate Product Manager

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Program summary

Online, Self-paced, Independent learning
Program Style
Target Student
Incoming APMs or aspiring APMs
Certificate Type
Certificate of Completion
Learning Materials
6+ hours of online video content, quizzes, course materials, and extra resources
Program Length
1 day
Weekly Commitment
8 hours
Starting Cadence
Available anytime
Program Cost
Payment Plans
Yes, within 14 days

What is this Product Management bootcamp?

Succeeding as an Associate Product Manager is a video course by Clement Kao, a product management career shifter with a degree in cell biology.

Within just 18 months, he was promoted from Associate Product Manager to Product Manager, then from Product Manager to Sr. Product Manager, then from Sr. Product Manager to Group Product Manager. He was able to ship 10 software products each worth millions of dollars in annual recurring revenue, and shipped dozens of smaller products too.

If you're looking for a course with robust actionable frameworks and real-world examples, taught by a career shifter who may be just like you, then this course is for you.

Who is this PM course best for?

This course is designed for aspiring Product Managers who would like to study at their own pace. You’re also someone who is looking to know what the first 90 days of a Product Manager may look like.

What have previous students said?

'Succeeding as an Associate Product Manager has served students from all over the world, including undergraduates, MBAs, PhDs, finance, healthcare, design, engineering, consulting, and more. Incoming PMs from Intuit, Redfin, Google, LinkedIn, Apple, Heap, Citibank, and Facebook have all used this course to accelerate their careers.'

Learners say:

Clement has a talent for distilling a nebulous field like product management into actionable lessons. He provides approachable and memorable examples - for example, he's one of the few people I've learned about strategies to context switch when such situations arise in the workplace. I'd be honored to recommend all of Clement's classes to my PM friends! - Nancy Wang, PM at Microsoft

How does it compare to Co.Lab's courses?

This course is most similar to Co.Lab's 4-week Product Management Sprint Ideation course because it is an introductory program and open to beginners of all levels. Co.Lab’s 8-week Product Management Bootcamp focuses on building an MVP rather than learning product management fundamentals.

After completing either this course or Co.Lab's Sprint program, it is recommended that you join Co.Lab's 8-week PM Bootcamp to apply your learnings and build your own product with a cross-functional team consisting of developers, designer, and a mentor.


Clement's course is slightly more inexpensive at $300 than Co.Lab Product Sprint's $500. Though it's understandable as Succeeding as an Associate Product Manager is designed to be completed in under a week. Whereas, the Co.Lab Sprint program is a 4-week course with over 20 hours of content and programming.

The price difference also accounts for the cohort-based experience you’ll have where you’re paired in a ‘pod group’ and go through the lessons with other students as well as the weekly mentor check-ins.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will get a certificate of completion, but not a student portfolio. At Co.Lab, you will get both.

However, our focus at Co.Lab is to help learners gain confidence, credibility and tangible experience, beyond just the certificate. Portfolios with Co.Lab are just the end result - the work involves speaking to real users, doing market research, and potentially working with a team to build out a real MVP.

Additionally, Co.Lab portfolio are hosted publicly for you to share with recruiters, hiring managers and supporters. You can check out other student portfolios here.

Personal Brand Support

Co.Lab’s programs are unique in that we focus on helping you stand out from the crowd, by building your personal brand and community online.

Co.Lab's Sprint program also has a robust Build in Public program, where you get to share your wins and learnings to your professional network - ensuring you remain visible to recruiters and hiring managers. Lastly. the Sprint program grants you entry to an exclusive Discord community of tech professionals where you can get advice, networking opportunities, and referrals.


Co.Lab also has weekly mentor check-ins to ensure that you're guided appropriately by industry professionals. In fact, your spec in the Sprint program will be personally given feedback on by your mentors.

It will also be published on Co.Lab's website and posted in Co.Lab's social accounts. There will also be an end-of-cohort celebration where top students get to present their product idea to the public.

Curriculum Content

Both Clement's course and the Co.Lab Product Sprint explain the Product Manager role, their responsibilities, and the fundamental concepts that you'd have to learn to start as an entry-level Product Manager. In both courses, you will also have the chance to apply your learnings and build your own spec, and get a certificate of completion at the end.

Self-paced vs Cohort-based Learning Experience

What makes this course different from Co.Lab's Sprint program is the learning experience. Succeeding as an Associate Product Manager is a self-paced program. Co.Lab's Product Sprint is a cohort-based program.

While Succeeding as an Associate Product Manager allows you to study the basics of a PM role with more flexibility since you will go through it at your own pace, it also means that you need to have the internal motivation to finish the course.

With Co.Lab's Product Management Sprint program you are in a cohort-based model with built-in accountability. You go through the program with other learners. You get to share your learnings, compare and contrast ideas, and provide you with real people who can be your sounding boards.

If you enjoy structured group learning, and struggle with self-paced individual programs, then the Sprint program may be a better fit for you.

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