allWomen Product Management Bootcamp

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Program summary

Online, Live, Instructor-led, Cohort-based
Program Style
Target Student
Incoming PMs or aspiring PMs
Certificate Type
Certificate of Completion
Learning Materials
Program Length
10 weeks
Weekly Commitment
10 hours
Starting Cadence
Program Cost
2950€ (around $3,300)
Payment Plans
Yes, within 14 days after purchase.

What is this Product Management bootcamp?

If being part of a women-led community is important to you, then look no other than the allWomen bootcamp. You will learn together with women students and be taught by leading female industry experts.

You will get 1:1 mentoring sessions and experience a proactive, hands-on learning experience that simulates the daily tasks of a Product ManagerT. here is no guarantee on job placement, but they have over 100 hiring partners and 80% of graduates are hired. The allWomen community numbering 30k also has its own job board and regularly holds job hiring events.

Who is this PM course best for?

This course is best for aspiring Product Managers who value a structured learning experience with weekly check-ins and taught by female tech experts, all the while remaining flexible in case you have other full commitments.

What have previous students said?

The allWomen Product Management Bootcamp has 4.8 stars on Switchup based from 11 reviews.

Learners say:

AllWomen is space of no judgement, no ego and no competition where learning is easy, lovely and real. You will meet a team of amazing and professional women who support you from the beginning. - Laura Mureddu

How does it compare to Co.Lab's courses?

This course is most similar to Co.Lab's 4-week Product Sprint, albeit longer, because it teaches you the fundamental concepts that an entry-level product manager should know. Both are introductory programs targeted towards beginners building their product management foundations.

What makes this course a better option though, is whether you’re particular to belonging to an all women community. Co.Lab also celebrates diversity, but it is inclusive to everyone. If you are most comfortable being with students, peers, and mentors wjp identify as women, then this course is a great fit for you.

While completing this course will give you a student portfolio at the end, it is still recommended that you join Co.Lab's 8-week PM Bootcamp to apply your learnings and build your own product with a cross-functional team consisting of developers, designer, and a mentor, and actually ship a live product.


This course costs $2,950 and is more expensive than Co.Lab’s Sprint ($500 USD). The price difference is because this course runs for 10 weeks compared to Sprint’s 4 weeks. This allows for a more comprehensive take on the product frameworks and theories.

That being said, it has little on the side of practical application. After completing this course and Sprint, you will get a product management-focused student portfolio. If you take the bootcamp right after, you will be able to get the cross-functional, real-work experience that hiring managers are looking for.

Learning Outcomes

With both programs, you will get a Certificate of Completion as well as a student portfolio.

However, this course lacks the live building aspect that Co.Lab’s student portfolio has in the form of a functioning MVP, shipped live with a team of developers, designer, and mentor, in an agile environment.

That being said, our focus at Co.Lab is to help learners gain confidence, credibility and tangible experience, beyond just the certificate. Portfolios with Co.Lab are just the end result - the work involves speaking to real users, doing market research, and potentially working with a team to build out a real MVP.

Additionally, Co.Lab portfolio are hosted publicly for you to share with recruiters, hiring managers and supporters. You can check out other student portfolios here.

Personal Brand Support

Co.Lab’s programs are unique in that we focus on helping you stand out from the crowd, by building your personal brand and community online.

Co.Lab's Sprint and Bootcamp programs also have a robust Build in Public program, where you get to share your wins and learnings to your professional network - ensuring you remain visible to recruiters and hiring managers. Co.Lab will also post and amplify student portfolios in its website and social media accounts.

Lastly, both program grants you entry to an exclusive Discord community of tech professionals where you can get advice, networking opportunities, and referrals.


Both this course and Co.Lab have weekly mentor check-ins to ensure that you're guided appropriately by industry professionals. Your project work will be personally given feedback on by your mentors. It will also be published on Co.Lab's website for everyone to see.

At the end, you will also have an end-of-cohort celebration where top students get to present their product ideas to the public. What makes Co.Lab different is that it actively showcases the student portfolios through its Building-in-Public initiatives and its organic network - from newsletters to social media accounts, potentially giving you reach to more than 40,000 people.

Curriculum Content

Both this course and Co.Lab Product Sprint explain the Product Manager role, their responsibilities, and the fundamental skills that entry-level Product Managers should have to land a job.

While this course dives deeper into key product management concepts, it is several times more expensive. If you are looking to get your Product Management fundamentals down to pat, then this coursemay be for you. If you just want to learn the streamlined version just enough to land a job, then Co.Lab’s Product Sprint is the better option.

Cohort-based Learning Experience

Both this bootcamp and Co.Lab’s PM Track are cohort-based. They have live online instruction with group and independent active learning challenges. However, there are still key differences.

With Co.Lab's Product Management Sprint and Bootcamp program, you are in a cohort-based model with built-in accountability. You go through the program with other learners. You get to share your learnings, compare and contrast ideas, and provide you with real people who can be your sounding boards.

Lastly, you decide as a team what kind of tools to use, when to meet (although there are designated check-in dates), and be generally in charge of how to manage and lead a development team. If you are someone who thrives in a structured environment like this, then Co.Lab will be a great fit.

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