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April 28, 2021

Week 2 of Co.Lab’s Spring 2021 Cohort is well underway…where has all the time gone?

Things fly by fast when there are lots going on and this week is no exception. Our cohort’s product designers are now set to join in on the fun, meet their product managers, and get familiar with the problem space.

The Co.Lab team is also working on a storytelling video campaign involving you as part of the creative process. (read more below to know more!! 👇)

But first, what else is on this week’s agenda?

Our very first YBIT event with Dameli Ushbayeva, a software developer at Cohere. You might be familiar with that name, since she was one of the individuals featured in the You Belong in Tech booklets! We’re going to be having a fireside chat with her and hear firsthand on her experience and struggles trying to break into tech.

We can all learn a little from each other and stay connected in today’s crazy world. So sign up for the free event this Thursday, sit in on the AMA, and join us for a networking session afterwards!

Sign up for our Event Tomorrow!

​Come hear from Dameli Ushbayeva, a Software Developer at Cohere. We’ll talk about imposter syndrome, struggles, wins and more! ​

With the rest of the Co.Laborators soon joining this spring’s cohort, we’re amped to chat with the teams and highlight their profiles.

After all, a defining vision Co.Lab holds dear to is sharing stories of your everyday trailblazer who overcame challenges while beginning a career in tech. It’s not just about us – it’s about every one of you who make up this wonderfully diverse industry. Success stories from the few we often hear from aren’t the only ones that exist out there and we want to unearth the hidden ones too.

That was a big driver behind the You Belong in Tech booklets, where we heard 15 individuals’ personal journeys from a non-techie background to the world of product managers, developers, and product designers.

But we want to hear from you as well! Yes you - our protagonist of the story ~

We’re looking to partner with fellow techies who came from non-traditional backgrounds and build a video collection of short stories, telling the tales of struggles, learnings, failures, and successes in their transition into tech.

Experienced imposter syndrome? How did you personally handle or overcome it?

What were the skills you levelled to keep up with your competitors when looking for that first PM job?

Every career journey is different and we want to highlight that – every curve and bump of it. Our goal is to build a strong community of regular folks like you and I and amplify the sentiment that we all belong in tech, no matter where we come from.

Interested in participating or want to know more? Sign up here and we’ll reach out with details to follow:

We really can’t wait to hear your story 👏👏. And don’t forget to connect with us on Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram!

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