Co.Lab <> 4Geeks Academy Partnership

Read on to find out more about 4Geeks, our newest partner in championing diversity and excellence.

Co.Lab Team
September 6, 2023

Co.Lab is partnering with 4Geeks Academy, a leading online coding bootcamp with campuses globally, to further empower and educate the next generation of diverse and talented technologists through learning by doing. This partnership involves working with 4Geeks Academy to bring in their grads and collaborating on project-based programming. 

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About Co.Lab

Co.Lab’s mission is to give people from all walks of life the real-world, practical experience to confidently break into (and thrive within) the tech. We want to spark action, enable folks to learn by doing, and spread the word that no matter your background, you belong in tech.

About 4Geeks Academy 

4Geeks Academy is a coding bootcamp in Miami that teaches Full Stack Development and Data Science and Machine Learning. Since 2015, we’ve been redefining the way tech education happens. On average, our grads see a 22k salary increase after landing their first job. About 84% of graduates are landing that job within six months of program completion.

At the heart of 4Geeks mission is our commitment to break down traditional barriers to education and provide access to underserved and underrepresented populations. “Thanks to the various partner organizations we work with, we are able to offer financial support to those who really deserve it. I love to see students get out of jobs like Uber driving, waitressing, warehouse jobs, etc. and land that first role as a developer. Co.Lab is a great program that allows them to gain experience and network with other tech professionals as they search for this first role. I’m really happy we get to work with such an awesome organization.”

-Alissa Landra, Campus Manager at 4Geeks Academy

Community Perks

4Geeks Full Stack coding grads can get free entry into the Co.Lab program by chatting with their Student Support team. All 4Geeks students also get unlimited 1-1 coding mentorship, access to group mentoring sessions 3x weekly, unlimited 1-1 career support mentorship, and access to our Slack community with over 4,000 developers and partners worldwide.

Anyone in the Co.Lab community can use “COLAB” when signing up for any 4Geeks program, across Full Stack Development and Data Science & ML. 

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