Lucky Number 4 🍀

Recap on You Belong in Tech and upcoming Spring 2021 season

April 14, 2021

Peek a boo - we're back with some exciting news on what's upcoming in the Co.Lab community!

But first, let's start off with Lucky Number 4 🍀.

It's been exactly one week since the launch of our You Belong in Tech booklets and they have climbed their way up to #4 Product of the Day! If you haven't a copy of these easy, inspiring reads...what are you waiting for? Dive into 15 unique and uplifting tales of how individuals with non-traditional backgrounds swam through murky waters and found their way into tech as PMs, designers, and developers. Plus - they are FREE?!

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Get real-world experience to land your dream role in tech. Join us as a Product Manager, Designer or Developer, and put your skills into practice by shipping a real MVP! 🚀

This collection of stories exist because we truly believe they are meant to be shared and inspire confidence and encouragement.  They're here to spell out the realities and hardships that must be faced before landing that first ideal job. It's to acknowledge the struggles but also celebrate the wins.

Maybe you're in a completely industry like Hirsch, who started his career as an accountant but later transitioned into tech as a PM by leveraging his knowledge set. Or perhaps it's time to follow Youri's approach in your job-hunt process and start cold-calling dev recruiters. Thinking of switching careers after being long established in your current industry? Don't fall back on hesitation or doubt - if Shiau-uen, a classical piano performer of 16 years, was able to break into tech, why not you?

And the stories don't stop here.

At Co.Lab, we want to hear you as well! Each of our career journeys are different and there is always a little something to learn and take away from. So reach out to @joincolab_io on twitter if you'd like to share yours! The power of storytelling is real.

Now, guess what else relates to Lucky Number 4?

The month of April! Spring is here and so is the next season of the Co.Lab program. Sign-up for the product manager track is closing soon (TODAY!!!) so hop hop hop on quick if you're thinking of joining this huge community of bright and ambitious techies!

Curious about the program details or want to know more on what Co.Lab is all about? Helen and Sefunmi will be hosting an info session in just a few hours, at noon EST. Sign up on Calendly - we hope to see you there!

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