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Helen and Sefunmi
December 9, 2021

#LearnTogether with us! 

With the internet, learning anything has become easier than ever. While there’s an abundance of online courses available, such as massively open online courses (MOOCs), completion rates are low. More than 90% of folks who start an online course never end up completing it (not to call you out or anything...). Content is easily accessible… but motivation and discipline aren’t, especially when you’re learning on your own.  

MOOCs have less than 10% completion rates

On the other side of the spectrum, you have live classes, workshops, webinars and cohort-based courses. It’s centered around an “expert” lecturing (which is sometimes boring), with (optimistically) breakout rooms and group activities (which are oftentimes fun!). It can be social and engaging. Yet the flexibility isn’t there - both in terms of pricing as you’re paying for the expert’s time, factored in with your own schedule. 

Now, what if we told you it doesn’t have to be one or the other. What if we - you - could have the best of both worlds?

We're Live on Product Hunt

Learning online doesn’t always have to involve watching videos by yourself or hopping on a massive Zoom call. Check out the Co.Lab team and their new learning platform + show them some support + watch our demo video.

Last September, I had asked Helen to help me with something. Together, we ran product management Bootcamps program aimed at non-traditional tech folks across different industries, backgrounds and countries, and helped them break into tech.

We’ve ran 7 batches in the past year and graduated over 350 students across 16 countries. A few months ago, we both decided to quit our previous jobs to focus on what is now Co.Lab, full-time. But startups are always hard, and we very quickly ran into some common problems: 

  1. We had a lot of interest from students internationally, though they always had to adjust their schedule to match ours… and that just didn’t feel fair. 
  2. We tried doing pre-recorded courses for students to take at their own schedules, but like any online course, students just weren’t learning. 
  3. We were teaching classes on Zoom, but as the number of students in class increased, not everyone felt comfortable participating. 
  4. We could have run more live classes, but all of this was extremely tiring!!! We were already teaching 20+ hours of classes per week. We needed to figure out a sustainable way to scale out our efforts while still ensuring our impact was top-notch. 

And with that, to solve our own problems, we decided to take the best aspects of a live class and mix it with the best parts of an online course. 

We're taking the best of in-person classes and bringing it online 

We ended up creating a format where learners could engage with others, share their perspectives, and be held accountable - all on their own schedules. It’s accessible, engaging, and just plain fun. We took project-based learning and learning by doing up a notch. We created a hybrid-live format of multiplayer-based learning.

After launching our own program via this platform, we saw course completion and engagement rates skyrocket. Students were actually learning and making new friends along the way. And as for Helen and I, we finally had time to relax from the live instruction and focus on bigger impact items.

Over 300 learners have used our platform to learn with and from one another

We’re exceptionally excited today to be partnering with new creators (shoutout!) who, like us, are impact-driven and want to maximize their impact in a sustainable manner. We cannot wait to continue making high-quality education more accessible and empowering learners around the world that their perspectives matter. 

Gone are the days of siloed learning, instructor burnout, and either-or. Say hello to the best of both worlds: hybrid-live, peer-led, community-driven.

Intrigued? Pre-enroll for your favourite courses today and get ready to #LearnTogether.

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