6 Things to Buy for Christmas for an Aspiring Product Manager

Tis the season! Here are a few ideas for gifts you can get the aspiring Product Manager in your life to make them feel seen, loved and supported.

Tiwatayo Kunle
November 30, 2022

1. A book from this list

As a bonus, couple it with a Product Management course such as the one Co.Lab offers, to help them level up and now you’ve set them on their way to having an awesome career as a product manager in 2023! Think about it, what could be better than the gift of knowledge? Show that you believe in the dreams of your aspiring Product Manager and get them these gifts!

2. A white board 

Source: Amazon

How else are they going to create all those Product Roadmaps and vision boards and break them down into sprints? Get them a white board so that they can visualize their process and get things done before the deadline!

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3. Adjustable height standing desk for them to place their laptops and monitors and all the devices they need to really look the part as a Product Manager.

Source: Wayfair

Plus, you can throw in that portable treadmill underneath the table and help them cross off “register at the gym” from their new years’ resolution.

4. Logitech HD pro webcam for crisp video quality

Source: Logitech

For the aspiring Product Manager who will most likely work virtually or at least hybrid, this webcam will come in handy for all the virtual team meetings and video calls they’ll be having. Looking good is a major hack to presenting your work well and a high-definition camera promises to do just that.

5. Noise-canceling headphones

Source: Bose

These are the perfect gift especially for the aspiring product manager who does not have a designated work space yet. With noise canceling headphones, they can block out any external distractions and really concentrate on their work. It will also come in handy for calls and videos that the product manager might need to participate in.

6. All the best lists on gift ideas for product managers always say that you should get them coffee, whether it’s a coffee machine or a subscription to a coffee shop, and there's a reason for that. Coffee is the Product Managers lifeline and they often require copious amounts of it to stay on top of their workload so consider a coffee subscription. ➕

Pair it with fun mugs such as this one from etsy to make for a more interesting drink.

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