6 Things to Expect from Product Management Training Program

Looking for a product management training program? Here's what you can expect to learn, straight from the experts.

Co.Lab Team
January 25, 2023

A Product Management training program can be a great investment if you're interested in taking your career to the next level. But what can you expect to learn? In this article, we'll take a look at six key lessons you can expect to gain from such a program.

1. How products are built in general.

A PM training program is incredibly beneficial for those who want to learn the Product Management process from start to finish. It dives deep into the product development lifecycle, teaching PMs how to do their research and uncover customer needs.

PMs will also gain real-world experience in utilizing effective communication strategies to really connect with the team. This training program gives professionals the hands-on resources needed to build unique products and a better understanding of what it takes to bring these products to life.

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2. How to conduct data analysis.

As a PM, understanding how to conduct data analysis is essential. You'll want to understand the data available to you to make better decisions about your product's direction. PM training programs provide invaluable resources and knowledge that teach you how to use surveys, focus groups, interviews, and other sources of information to carefully assess and interpret the relevant data.

Utilizing what you learn during these training programs regarding data analysis methods and techniques, you'll be on track to make accurate and efficient decisions.

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3. GTM strategies for launching new products.

Product Management training programs are full of great learning opportunities, especially when it comes to GTM strategies for launching new products. PMs can learn the ins and outs of different marketplaces to know where their product fits best. They'll get to understand target customers and figure out which channels make the most sense for reaching them.

PMs who have gone through a PM training program come out with a broad set of skills that they can apply to any product launch they may be working on. It's really invaluable information that helps ensure success from the very start!

4. The business impact of products.

As a PM, mastering the business impact of the product you’re developing should be one of your top priorities. That's where PM training programs can come in handy. Through these programs, you'll learn about measuring your products' success in more meaningful ways than just profitability—such as customer engagement and employee productivity.

Once you understand how to track various impacts, you have meaningful metrics that will help you design better and more successful products for your organization.

5. Road mapping techniques.

Learning product management requires an understanding of road mapping techniques. This skill set allows PMs to visualize the big picture as well as get into the nitty-gritty details that come along with product planning. PM training programs equip individuals with the competencies they need to create and manage a roadmap, allowing them to make long-term plans without losing sight of the present day.

With each new step in the PM journey, planners are able to move forward with confidence. Road mapping techniques help PMs stay focused and organized, taking their products from idea to launch.

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6. How to deal with management.

A PM training program can teach you invaluable skills for dealing with management. From learning how to communicate clearly in meetings to managing expectations and making decisions, PM training is designed to help you navigate the waters of navigating complex business solutions and relationships.

PM training covers various techniques for understanding the needs of upper management, identifying points of agreement or conflict among stakeholders, and developing strategies that everyone can agree on. On top of this, PM training also offers guidance on making decisions that meet your team’s needs and upper management's goals.


A product management training program can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and skills that will help you successfully develop products. In addition to learning about market analysis, customer discovery, data interpretation, GTM strategies, and the business impact of products, PMs can also expect to learn about road mapping techniques, how to deal with management, and ways to measure success.

With this comprehensive knowledge under your belt, you'll be ready to take on any product development challenge head-on!

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