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Elevate your career game with WorkSmart, the not-so-typical career companion. Imagine a blend of AI magic and apprentice mentor matchmaking helping immigrant professionals build the relevant experience, they need, for the career they desire. Dive into self - paced in-app courses to upgrade your skills, find your buddy who is also on the same career path as you, and unlock a treasure trove of career boosting resource blog. Let’s make professional growth for immigrants fun, because who said work can’t be a joyride?


Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

In the rapidly evolving landscape of professional development, WorkSmart aims to address challenges faced by immigrant professionals. The problem space encompasses the complex intersection of navigating a new career, seeking relevant experiences, accessing relevant courses, and finding a supportive community.

Problem Background  

Since the increase in immigration levels in Canada, the global workforce has witnessed a surge in immigrant professionals seeking opportunities in unfamiliar territories. The need for a platform that seamlessly connects these individuals with mentors, offers accessible in-app courses, implements a buddy matching system, and serves as a Single Source of Truth for career resources has become paramount.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Using the my Linked In Network and Co Lab DTTPP cohort, Surveys and interviews were conducted and three main pain points jumped out:

  1. Gaining Relevant experience for entry level roles is difficult 
  2. Immigrant Professionals find it hard to build a network 
  3. Immigrant Professionals are in need of mentorship to help navigate career growth                           

Supporting Data

100% of people we spoke to mentioned they were in need of a mentor who was on the same career path and 65% of the people interviewed and surveyed less costly opportunities to build the relevant experience they need.


Results from User Interviews and surveys proved that this is a significant problem in immigrant communities

Explanation of Solution

Based on our target users' pain points, we knew we wanted to work on the following features:

  • Mentor Matching: Our users expressed a need for personalized mentorship. Through interviews and surveys, we identified the lack of a reliable mentorship platform for immigrant professionals.
  • Accessible Courses: Understanding the challenges of acquiring new skills, we integrated in-app courses to make professional development more accessible, addressing the users' desire for continuous learning.
  • Buddy Matching System: Recognizing the importance of peer support, we implemented a buddy matching system. Users highlighted the value of connecting with like-minded individuals facing similar career challenges.

After we showcased our prototype to the users again, we learned that:

  • Mentorship is Key: Users appreciated the mentor matching feature the most. It provided them with valuable guidance, boosting their confidence and helping them navigate the complexities of their new professional environment.
  • Course Diversity Matters: The diverse range of accessible courses received positive feedback. Users valued the flexibility to choose courses aligning with their career goals and interests.
  • Buddy System Boosts Engagement: The buddy matching system significantly increases user engagement. 

Future Steps

This is what I learned from speaking to potential users

User Preferences: Through in-depth conversations, we discovered the importance of a streamlined user interface. With an option to show all the training/bootcamps available for them to gain experience 

Speed Mentorship Needs: The range of mentorship needs varied widely. Some users sought career advice, while others focused on skill development and some on mindset. Tailoring our mentorship options to have quick mentorship options with career coachesl.

Possible Additional Problems to Address:

Language Barriers: Some users faced challenges in effective communication due to language barriers. Implementing language support features can make the platform more inclusive.

Skill Assessment: Most Users highlighted the importance of a feature that assesses their skills and recommends suitable courses or mentors. Integrating a skill assessment tool can enhance the personalization of our services.

Networking Opportunities: Users expressed interest in expanding their professional network. Introducing networking virtual meetups within the platform can address this need.

Prototype Design Steps 

Usability Testing: Conduct extensive usability testing to refine the user interface and ensure a seamless experience, addressing the identified customer preferences.

Feature Customization: Develop customizable profiles for users to specify their mentorship or skill development preferences, addressing the diverse mentorship needs.


Web App Version 1

Web App Version 16 ( Working, Please Feel Free to Test)

Canva Pitch

Marketing Materials 

Marketing Materials Link 

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Product Manager Learnings:

Folasade Akinpelu

My learnings from the DTTPP program has been amazing. My skill set has increased exponentially, The hackathon although intense but enlightening journey that offered valuable insights:

Through the program I was able to practice and enhance my web design skills, and UX design skills  allowing me to refine my abilities through real-world challenges. The hackathon urged me to explore and adopt new tools, such as Figma, for collaborative and real-time design work with teammates. I also learned to create a mini design system in Canva tailored for hackathons, facilitating storyboarding, prototyping, and effective collaboration. The experience has enhanced my ability to present design work effectively, emphasizing clear communication and visual storytelling. These learnings not only enriched my UX design skills but also fueled a newfound curiosity for collaborative design tools like Figma. Thank you for offering scholarship options. Truly grateful to be a part of the program.

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

Developers Learnings:


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