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Weiv is a travel companion that understands the overwhelming joy of travel and so, with its seamless features, addresses the time-consuming challenges, ensuring every traveler can effortlessly capture, share, and relive their precious moments


Product Experience

Problem Alignment

Passionate travelers need a way to enthusiastically capture, organize and share their travel experiences because they cherish reliving and sharing their experiences, yet struggle with the time-consuming and fragmented process of content creation”

Travel experiences are deeply personal and held in high regard. People wants to create personalized and interesting content from travel moments, and share their stories, yet many travelers find the current process of documenting and sharing travel experiences time-consuming and fragmented.

Capturing travel experiences is important to every individual because it transforms fleeting moments into lasting memories. These captured memories serve as tangible reminders of personal growth, cultural encounters, and the sheer joy of exploration. However, the significant time commitment, the overwhelming task of creating a cohesive narrative, and the fragmented approach of utilizing multiple apps for capturing, editing, and sharing content are some of the major pain points for travelers.

Recognizing the market's interest in digital travel journals, the emergence of the “individual brand”, and the emphasises for user-friendly solution offers an opportunity for a competitive advantage by providing a user-centric solution.

Research Insight

Through market research surveys and user interviews, we narrowed down our target audience, gained in-depth demographic insights, identified user pain points, and assessed market demand.

Despite 76% of our respondents stressing the importance of reliving and sharing, time consumption is a significant pain point for respondents, with 88% emphasizing the need for user-friendly solutions, and 80 % stressing that they use 3-4 apps to document, create content and share their travel experiences on social media platforms.

Our research revealed that the travel landscape is evolving. 72% of respondents are frequent travelers, traveling 2-3 times in a year, underscoring the demand for tools to document and relive experiences. The majority of respondents prefer using phone cameras for capturing travel experiences, emphasizing the importance of mobile-friendly features. Finally, respondents express a growing interest in digital travel journals, aligning with the increasing trend of sharing travel experiences online.

These findings highlight the importance of a user-centric solution that streamlines travel experiences allowing users to focus on the joy of exploration rather than being burdened by the tedious aspects of content creation.

Solution Summary

Design Selection: In response to our target audience pain points, we know our solution would prioritize ease of use, personalization, and robust organization features. Furthermore, a user-friendly interface with emphasis on simplicity and aesthetic design, and the ease to share on social media platforms.

Weiv is a mobile app that offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by avid travelers, urban explorers, and collaborative adventurers. By offering a unified platform for capturing and organizing travel content, the app minimizes the time and effort required to manage diverse files. It’s Intelligent storytelling tools empower users to effortlessly craft cohesive narratives, blending various media elements.

The collaborative space, known as Collab Hub, allows friends to contribute and enrich the collective travel story and effortlessly sharing on social media. It’s smart content curation employs algorithms to suggest personalized recommendations, addressing the content overload challenge faced by users.

With an intuitive, user-friendly interface that add a touch of personalization and address the frustration of fragmented tools, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience for users across varying levels of technical proficiency

Future Steps

Our preliminary research revealed that a sizable portion of respondents (86%) is not currently using any apps or tools for documenting travel experiences, signaling an untapped market. This could indicate a need for effective onboarding strategies to introduce potential users to the benefits and features of the app. Focusing on awareness campaigns could help in reaching out to this untapped market and showcasing the value proposition of the Weiv app.

Understanding why respondents are not currently using any apps or tools is crucial. It may be due to the perceived complexity, lack of awareness, or simply being accustomed to traditional methods. Addressing these concerns and demonstrating the simplicity and advantages of Weiv through marketing efforts and user education can help overcome this inertia.


Product Manager Learnings:

Adeyinka Adedoja Adegbite

The DTTP program has been an enlightening journey.  One profound lesson is – the paramount importance of focusing on the "Job Done" rather than fixating on solutions. With emphasis on empathizing with user's struggles, desires, and aspirations, I have been able to shift focus from immediate solutions to a comprehensive understanding of the problem space. It has transformed my design process as well and helped in building a more user-centric and successful products.

In addition, I very much appreciate the project approach of the program. The methodology embraced in DTTP encourages a holistic view – from problem identification, ideation, and iteration to the ultimate execution. The program instills a sense of ownership and accountability.

As I navigate the complex landscape of product management, armed with a newfound appreciation for the problem space and an approach that values every phase of the journey, I am poised to make a meaningful impact. The DTTP program has not just equipped me with skills; it has cultivated an innovative mindset

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