Walk-In Ease

An app that revolutionizes clinic visits. With real-time appointment availability, nearby clinic suggestions, and a convenient waitlist feature, Walk-In Ease ensures you can secure a spot effortlessly and receive timely care. It’s a perfect solution for hassle-free clinic visits.


Product Experience

Problem Space  

Problem Statement  

How might we enhance the experience for patients at walk-in clinics to provide a more efficient and satisfactory visit?

Problem Background  

Clinic visits can often be a cumbersome process, involving challenges such as long wait times, difficulty in booking appointments, and overall inefficiencies. 

Our targeted customers are individuals seeking medical care at clinics, particularly those who rely on walk-in appointments. The problem we're addressing is the difficulty in obtaining timely appointments and the long wait times experienced at clinics. These challenges create frustration, inconvenience, and delays in accessing necessary healthcare services.Addressing these issues is essential to improve the patient experience and streamline the clinic visit. 

 A recent survey highlights the need for addressing waiting times and improving the overall experience at walk-in clinics.Participants expressed a desire for improvements and suggested implementation of an app for assessing clinic availability and wait times, a more efficient booking system, and reduced wait times. Participants also desired experienced doctors who were willing to spend more time listening and diagnosing concerns.Currently, all clinics use different methods of showing available time slots, booking etc and there is no streamlined process for patients to utilize. 

Transparent communication of wait times and the utilization of technology for appointment booking could enhance patient satisfaction

Research Insights

User Pain Points

We conducted some interviews and surveys to understand the pain points of different patients.The survey indicates that a significant number of respondents visit walk-in clinics multiple times a year due to general illness. Appointment availability is reported to be limited, and most appointments are booked in person or via phone calls and is not a convenient method reportedly.Waiting times for appointments vary, and overall satisfaction levels are relatively low.

Supporting Data

Regarding the availability of appointments, 45% of respondents found it to be very limited, while 30% considered it somewhat limited. 45% waiting over an hour and 35% waiting 30 minutes to an hour. Satisfaction levels are low, with 35% very dissatisfied and 20% somewhat dissatisfied.  Waiting time was the most influential factor in determining satisfaction, followed by the quality of care received and the availability of medical resources.


Participants expressed a desire for improvements in the booking process and overall care experience at walk-in clinics. They suggested better estimation and communication of waiting times, the implementation of an app for assessing clinic availability and wait times, a more efficient booking system, and reduced wait times. Participants also desired experienced doctors who were willing to spend more time listening and diagnosing concerns.

Landing on the Solution

The proposed solution to the problem of walk-in appointments is a platform which offers real-time appointment availability. The solution should empower patients by providing them with convenient and efficient ways to book appointments, via an app or webform. 

Explanation of Solution 

Walk-In Ease is a solution to the problem of appointment unavailability and long wait times at walk-in clinics. The app works by providing real-time appointment availability at various clinics, suggesting nearby options if appointments are not immediately accessible, and allowing users to join a waitlist for earlier slots. Users receive reminders for upcoming appointments, empowering them to stay organized and promptly access healthcare services. The app streamlines the booking process, optimizes clinic resources, and enhances the overall patient experience, ensuring efficient and timely access to medical care.

User Flows/Mockups

Future Steps

  • Implement In-App Support: Incorporate an in-app support feature to assist users in case of issues or questions. Users can easily access customer support or FAQs within the app, improving their experience and providing timely assistance.
  • User Onboarding and Education: Based on feedback, enhance the onboarding process with user-friendly tutorials and guides to help new users navigate the app seamlessly.
  • Implement in App payment: For users with no health card, the app can take care of the payment to the clinic via interac or visa
  • Accessibility Features: Address accessibility feedback to ensure the app is inclusive for users with disabilities. Implement features like voice-activated controls, text-to-speech options, and high-contrast themes to enhance usability.


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