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Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

VoyAIge addresses the challenge of solo travelers struggling to curate personalized and meaningful travel experiences. The problem it aims to solve includes the complexities and uncertainties associated with planning solo trips, such as selecting destinations that align with individual interests, crafting detailed itineraries, ensuring safety, and fostering connections with like-minded travelers. The app aims to streamline and enhance the solo travel planning process, providing tailored recommendations, safety features, and a supportive community for a more satisfying and enriching travel experience

Problem Background  

Solo travel, while rewarding, presents challenges that can be both overwhelming and expensive. Navigating through numerous destinations, activities, and dining options alone requires extensive research, leading to frustrations for solo travelers. Safety concerns, particularly for women, and budget constraints are significant barriers, with 46% of women citing safety as a deterrent  (Solo Travel Statistics: 2023 Guide) . According to, the post-pandemic surge in solo travel, evidenced by an increase in bookings from 14% to 23%, underscores the need for a cost-effective, safe, and personalized solution. 

VoyAIge addresses these challenges by leveraging AI to curate personalized itineraries based on users' personalities, preferences, and safety considerations. As a digital platform, VoyAIge embraces the evolution of AI and machine learning, offering solo travellers a convenient, data-driven solution to enhance their travel experiences.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Research Insights: VoyAIge User Pain Points

After conducting three interviews, gathering insights from 23 survey participants, and reviewing secondary research on individual travel planning styles, it is evident that the research has led us to focus specifically on Solo Travelers.

A Co.Lab Fellow expressed a common pain point, stating, "I find it hard to book accommodations or reservations based on ratings, especially if I haven’t been to the country before. Something that would help filter options based on my personality would be awesome!"

Supporting statistics from Solo Travel Statistics: 2023 Guide (2022) highlight a significant trend, with 72% of American women planning solo trips. Additionally, an estimated 25% of the US population is considering solo travel in the future, amounting to 65.2 million individuals based on 2022 population figures.

Further user research validated the challenges of embarking on solo journeys, revealing that only about 17% of participants are very confident in creating personalised travel itineraries. Key factors influencing decision-making include cost, safety, and weather, emphasizing the importance of information in driving decision-making for solo travelers.

Landing on the Solution

After analysing the pain points and feedback from our target users, it's evident that approximately 59% are unfamiliar with or haven't utilized itinerary-planning apps. Moreover, an overwhelming 82% express a belief that a personalized travel itinerary tailored to their personality and preferences would significantly improve their travel experience. These insights have guided us in refining our initial MVP focus to three key pillars: Enhancing Traveler Satisfaction, Simplifying Travel Planning, and Improving Safety and Confidence.

Explanation of Solution 

VoyAIge presents a solution as an AI-powered travel app catering to new solo travelers. By utilizing artificial intelligence, the app curates personalized travel itineraries based on individual personalities and interests. This innovative solution goes beyond generic recommendations, offering tailored suggestions for activities, accommodations, dining, and cultural experiences. With a focus on enhancing the overall travel experience, VoyAIge ensures solo travelers have satisfying and meaningful journeys by providing personalized plans that align with their unique preferences.

User Flows/Mockups

Future Steps

I would like to start working on the first MVP with a few prioritised goals in mind; specifically : Enhancing Traveler Satisfaction with personalized itineraries that cater to their unique interests and travel preferences. 

Simplifying Travel Planning by offering AI-powered recommendations and itineraries to make it easy for travelers to choose destinations, activities, and accommodations that align with their desires, thus reducing the time and stress associated with planning. Improving Safety and Confidence  By  providing key safety tips, emergency support, and real-time check-in alerts.


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Olamide Akindele

Co.Lab was a very interesting experience for me because I have gained a lot of understanding on how to spend time developing your problem space as this supports greatly your proposed solution. Furthermore, I have learnt that we should focus on solving one problem not multiple problems. 

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