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Problem Statement  

As a frequent traveler, how might I efficiently manage my multiple visas and travel history to ensure a hassle-free travel experience?

Problem Background  

While the idea of travelling is fun, the process of it can be incredibly complex. Especially when it comes to international travel that requires travellers to face multiple visa requirements and manage various travel documents. This is especially challenging for frequent travellers with multiple visas or passports. Our research indicates that 53% of travellers struggle with tracking entry/exit dates, 68% find it difficult to complete visa application forms accurately, and 28% have trouble managing active and expired visas . Current manual and memory-based methods are inefficient, leading to significant frustration and inefficiencies.

Research Insights

Through Facebook groups, personal networks, and university alum databases we collected 86 user surveys, identified prospective users and conducted over 10 user interviews to understand their pain points. This revealed that travellers predominantly rely on memory (44%) or manual methods like notebooks or spreadsheets (26%) to track visa statuses and travel history. Many travellers (34% very frustrated, 31% somewhat frustrated) find filling out visa application forms to be a major hurdle . These insights highlight a clear need for a more efficient solution.

User Pain Points

  • Tracking entry/exit dates is cumbersome.
  • Managing visa statuses (active, expired) is complex.
  • Completing visa application forms is frustrating and error-prone.

Supporting Data

  • 73% of people we spoke to mentioned they were unhappy with their current solution for tracking visas and travel history.
  • 49% are very likely to use a new tool designed to simplify visa management.


  • Our preliminary user research found that travelers are eager for a centralized, efficient solution to manage their visas. They expressed interest in features like real-time updates, automatic tracking of entry/exit dates, and integration of visa guidelines .

Solution Explanation

Based on our target users’ pain points, we developed VisaVault, a streamlined, user-friendly app designed to simplify visa management. Modeled after the intuitive layout of Apple Wallet, VisaVault allows users to effortlessly add and manage personalised visa cards, track visa statuses, and log travel entries/exits automatically. Key features include real-time status updates, notifications for expiring visas, and a comprehensive view of accessible countries. After showcasing our prototype to users, we received positive feedback, particularly on the ease of use and the automation of tracking entry/exit dates.

Future Steps

  • Conduct a detailed competitive analysis of the top 5 visa management apps.
  • Conduct additional surveys with frequent travellers to test current features, discover additional features, and prioritise the roadmap.

Possible Additional Problems to Address:

  • Integration with embassy websites for automatic updates on visa requirements.
  • Expanding the app to include other travel-related documents such as vaccination certificates and insurance.
  • Enhancing security features to ensure the safe storage of sensitive visa information.


Product Manager Learnings:

Avani Patwardhan

- Do thorough research: Spending time understanding the problem space is crucial. Conducting user interviews and analyzing feedback provides invaluable insights.

- Listen to customers: Engaging with customers and understanding their pain points helps in designing a solution that truly addresses their needs.

- Iterate and collaborate: Rewriting drafts and seeking feedback is essential. Collaboration with the team ensures a well-rounded and robust product.

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

Developers Learnings:


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