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Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

How can we streamline communication and coordination for event organizers amidst fragmented channels and inefficient processes?

Problem Background  

As a co-founder of a travel company conducting large and small group trips, we've encountered firsthand the challenges of fragmented communication and information management. With anywhere from 50 to 250 guests to coordinate, communication becomes increasingly complex across multiple platforms such as email, social media, GroupMe, and text messages.

  1. Fragmented Communication: Coordinating group trips involves communication across various platforms, leading to fragmented conversations and information scattered across different channels. This fragmentation makes it difficult to track down and recall important details, often buried in disorganized email threads or hidden within different communication tools.
  2. Efficiency Challenges: Managing communication across disparate platforms consumes a significant amount of time and effort, detracting from more impactful tasks that could enhance the overall guest experience. Event organizers and trip planners find themselves spending valuable resources on managing simple communications instead of focusing on strategic planning and execution.
  3. Confusion and Redundancies: Sharing information across different communication platforms introduces confusion for both organizers and guests. It leads to redundancies, lost information, and inconsistencies in messaging, resulting in a suboptimal experience for all parties involved.

Research Plan

As we embark on the user research phase for Vertx, it's crucial to approach the process with an open mind, setting aside any preconceived biases or assumptions. Given the nature of our solution, which aims to address communication challenges faced by event organizers and trip planners, it's essential to deeply understand the underlying issues driving the need for such a platform.

During the initial planning stages, we'll focus on identifying the key pain points and challenges in communication and coordination during event planning. We'll delve into factors such as fragmented communication channels, difficulty tracking down information, and the impact of these challenges on event organization efficiency.

To gather insights, we'll employ a mixed-method approach, including user interviews and surveys. Our goal is twofold: first, to understand the biggest obstacles faced by event organizers and trip planners in communication and coordination; second, to identify effective methods of motivation and engagement utilized in event planning.

By adopting a rigorous and systematic approach to user research, we aim to uncover valuable insights that will drive the development of Vertx, ultimately addressing the communication challenges faced by event organizers and trip planners.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Conducting interviews with event organizers and trip planners via platforms like LinkedIn and industry forums, we uncovered several common pain points in communication and coordination during event planning

Supporting Data

85% of event organizers we interviewed expressed frustration with the current methods of communication and information management


Our initial user research to validate these pain points with event organizers in various industries revealed that 9 out of 10 respondents encountered difficulties in tracking down and recalling important event details due to fragmented communication channels

Landing on the Solution 

Identifying the main pain point of fragmented communication among event organizers and trip planners led us to develop Vertx as a centralized platform. Vertx aims to streamline communication and coordination by consolidating channels and offering features like group chats and ticketing integration. This solution addresses the core challenges identified during research, empowering users to efficiently plan and execute events

Explanation of Solution

Vertx is a comprehensive communication platform designed to streamline event planning and execution, addressing the challenges faced by event organizers and trip planners. The Vertx solution encompasses the following key features:

  1. Centralized Communication Hub: Users can download the Vertx mobile application, create profiles, and establish channels for communication. This centralized hub allows for seamless coordination and information sharing among organizers and attendees.
  2. Group Chat and Announcement Functionality: Vertx enables users to create group chats and make announcements, facilitating real-time communication and updates during event planning and execution.
  3. Email Integration: Vertx integrates with email platforms which allows organizers to email announcements directly to the platform and gives users immediate ability to access necessary information. 
  4. Customizable Themes and Moderation Controls: Users have the flexibility to customize themes and settings according to their event preferences. Additionally, moderation controls ensure a safe and conducive communication environment for all users.

Through these features, Vertx aims to simplify event management, enhance engagement, and provide a seamless communication experience for event organizers and attendees alike

Future Steps

In moving forward with Vertx, our plan is to assemble a dedicated team consisting of 1 UX/UI Designer and 2 Developers to iterate on and enhance the MVP. We aim to leverage this project as a cornerstone in showcasing product management expertise during interviews and professional endeavors.

Beyond refining the MVP, our next steps involve developing a comprehensive Go-To-Market Strategy and Product Roadmap. These strategic frameworks will guide our efforts in launching Vertx to the market and charting its course for future growth and development. We are committed to continuously improving Vertx to meet the evolving needs of event organizers and trip planners, ensuring its success in the marketplace


Product Manager Learnings:

Ugo Obilo

As a product manager, I've gained invaluable insights into the importance of focusing on a defined problem space and maintaining clarity in the execution of solutions. While exploring the solution space, it's crucial to ensure a focused approach to how solutions will be implemented, keeping the problem at the forefront of our efforts.

Furthermore, I've come to understand the significance of developing personas in envisioning how Vertx will be used by our target audience. By creating detailed personas, we can better empathize with users' needs and tailor our product to meet their specific requirements.

Additionally, I've learned the importance of defining quantitative metrics and milestones for the development of Vertx's MVP. These metrics serve as tangible indicators of our product's impact on users and the market. By tying these metrics back to user and market research, we can accurately gauge Vertx's success and guide its potential growth trajectory. Moving forward, I intend to apply these learnings to ensure the success and continued improvement of Vertx.

Designer Learnings:

Developer Learnings:

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