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Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

Gig workers require flexible, user-friendly retirement planning tools that accommodate fluctuating incomes and provide educational resources to enhance their understanding of retirement savings

Problem Background  

Customer: Gig workers (freelance professionals, rideshare drivers, influencers, content creators) facing challenges in retirement planning due to income variability and lack of awareness.

Why Now: With the gig economy expanding annually, estimated to double from $455B by 2030. There is an increasing need for a solution that addresses the unique retirement planning challenges faced by gig workers as shown from user research.

What We Know: Gig workers exhibit low confidence (80%) in their retirement savings plans, indicating a pressing need for enhanced financial planning and education within this demographic. Additionally, while 60% allocate a portion of their income for retirement, the allocation amount suggested irregular allocations of 10-20%,  suggesting a potential gap in long-term financial preparedness. The diversity in retirement savings vehicles, split evenly between TFSAs, Roth IRAs, RRSPs, or none, signals an opportunity for a solution that offers a more comprehensive and adaptable approach for improved security.

Landing on the Solution

Explanation of Solution 

Fundsy introduces "Vault," a centralized retirement planning ecosystem designed to empower gig workers with personalized financial strategies. Utilizing an AI-driven questionnaire, Vault assesses users' retirement goals, crafting tailored savings plans while educating users on their current financial status. Users can seamlessly synchronize existing accounts or leverage the tool to establish new ones. Present capabilities include automated direct deposits backed by intelligent fund distribution, while forthcoming enhancements will focus on the seamless integration of users' bank accounts

User Flows/Mockups 

Home page - my Vault

Mock ups: 

Future Steps

Next Steps include addressing privacy and data security, syncing with multiple financial institutions, building AI algorithms and testing the MVP.


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