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TrafficFlow Pro

TrafficFlow Pro is a new and smart way to deal with the growing problems people in cities face because of more and more traffic jams and old-fashioned traffic systems. As cities get bigger, people have to spend more time every day traveling to and from work, resulting to a heightened feeling of frustration. TrafficFlow Pro is here to help make city life better by modifying or fixing these issues.


Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

“How might we help to ease the frustration that urban commuters face as a result of heavy traffic and outdated traffic systems?”

Problem Background  

“Since the advent of urbanization, traffic congestion has always been an issue. Many urban residents have to endure a frustrating amount of stress just to get from one point to the other. This leaves them feeling frustrated causing their daily quality of life to be reduced. Despite efforts to improve urban mobility, the current systems often fall short, resulting in inefficiencies that impact the overall well-being and satisfaction of commuters.”

Research Insights

User Pain Points

“Using Surveys and one-on-one interviews as a research tool to gather data from diverse individuals to have an idea how they feel towards the traffic situation in their cities, and whether or not, they feel a sense of fruastration as a result”

Supporting Data

8 people were interviewed and there were 11 respondents on the survey.

“Every single person that responded to the survey and was interviewed attested to feeling frustrated by the traffic situation in their cities.”

“Although 7 out of 8 of those interviewed used current navigation apps, they agree that it can be better”


“Our preliminary user research to validate this problem with urban residents found that TrafficFlow spec is a product that can make their commuting a lot easier”

Landing on the Solution

“Based on our target users’ pain points, we knew we wanted to work on the following features- more route alternatives before and during the trip, and real accurate live updates ”

Explanation of Solution

“After we showcased our prototype to the users again, we learned that it would be better to launch TrafficFlow Pro as both an app and a feature that can be integrated into existing navigating apps”

User Flows/Mockups

If the user downloads it as an app, they will have to sign up, then log into the app, where they would see a home page that they can modify their product features- like the color, font, etc. They will also be asked to input some app preferences, for example “always take me through a route with at least one coffee shop” “always take me through routes with gas stations” “never take me on the highway” “never take me on a route with tolls”, etc. 

After setting up, you can start using the app, its would be straightforward. Click on the search icon on the top right corner, input your destination, then based on your preferences, at least three routes will pop up, giving you in a hierarchy of our best recommendation. The user can click on each route to see the full route details, then once a choice has been made, the user will click on go. 

If the user uses this as a feature on any other navigation tool, there will be a ‘T’ floating icon on the apps (as the feature). When a user inputs their destination regularly, they can click on the T to give pick a personalised preferred route, then it links back to the navigation app will then continue the navigation. 

Future Steps

This is what was learned from speaking to colleagues and my mentor,

  1. We can get a more accurate traffic update through the use of sensors
  2. Consider how TrafficFlow Pro can benefit urban residents that use public transit
  3. Make TrafficFlow Pro’s features to be distinct so that it does not look like other navigation tools



Product Manager Learnings:

Nkemjika Iloegbunam

Co.Lab was a very interesting experience for me. I must commend everyone that put this program together. From having zero knowledge of Product Management and even getting scared of the dream of becoming a PM, to understanding all these PM terminologies (research synthesis, product spec, prototype, etc),  and feeling confident to the point where I came up with this. Wow! I am truly amazed. I liked that the program was broken down into the barest minimum for people like myself to be able to understand it and go along. 

Also, the idea of working with groups has always been a thing that I would rather avoid, but this experience has made realise how important group members are. From the very first video I watch of Sefunmi’s explanation of Jobs-to-be-done, I knew I had to give this my very all, and I am glad I did!

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