COLAB11 - Web App


TrackMe is a web application that helps people track their most aspirational goals. TrackMe has a robust SMART goal creation in-take process that walks users through the process of creating goals. Additionally TrackMe has a goal progress tracking feature that is meant to help users keep on top of their goals.


TrackMe was created to allow for people to track their most aspirational goals. 

According to research from the University of Scranton only about 8% of people end up reaching their New Year's resolutions goals. There are many factors as to why this may be the case. Here at TrackMe we believe that the main culprit behind this is ineffective goal creation and progress tracking. 

Research and Validation

An American Psychological Association study conducted by Harkin, Webb, Benn, Sheeran found that “Your chances of success are more likely if you report your progress publicly or physically record it.” Additionally the researchers uncovered that “Monitoring goal progress is a crucial process that comes into play between setting and attaining a goal, ensuring that the goals are translated into action,” said lead author Benjamin Harkin, PhD, of the University of Sheffield.

We interviewed family and friends to understand their pain points and areas of concern that our product could solve. Across the board the main issue that we found is that there are no freely available tools that help people create really robust goals. 

While there are paid enterprise level tools such as (Monday/Clickup/etc..) that have goal creation functions, there are no free tools that walk you through goal creation following a widely-used goal setting format. 

Additionally we found that keeping track of your goals was also a headache. Whether that was writing them down on a piece of paper, or keeping track of them on a word processing doc. Another tracking problem that arose through our research was the inability to track your progress to your goals week over week. 


Our first pivot

Originally we wanted to focus on the tasks tracking function of our tool as that was an area of interest for most team-members and interviewees. However after team deliberations we pivoted to focus on the goal intake process and provide users with additional features such as tool-tips 

Our second pivot

Our original tech stack was going to be ReactJs for frontend work and python for database/backend. Due to lack of comfort from both developers with the stack being used, we made the transition to VueJs framework to handle all routing/frontend work while still using python for database/backend. This made it more efficient for both developers as we felt more comfortable with the stack and could get more accomplished in the time we had.

Our third pivot

Our second pivot was around our dashboard screen. Originally we wanted to focus on providing our users with an emailed goal round-up for their records and tracking. However we pivoted to build a dynamic dashboard that allowed users to intake their goal progress on a weekly cadence and provide feedback around how they felt. 

Landing on a solution

The goal for this product is to enable people to reach their goals. By providing a way for people to intake and manage their goals. The hypothesis is that if people really want to set and achieve their goals that our product will help them do so. 


TrackMe has three key features:

  1. Provide information around goal creation - We provide links in our onboarding that direct users to external informational studies/articles 
  2. Provide a robust intake process - TrackMe provides a SMART goal intake process that leads users through a goal creation exercise. We included tooltips to inform people on how to make their goals as robust as possible. 
  3. Dashboard - Here we provide users with the ability to track and manage their progress towards their goals. 


Product Manager Learnings:

Salman Ahmed

  • Prioritization of technical work 
  • Ability to translate words into actionable development work through user stories and grooming sessions 
  • Striking a balance between delivering maximum user value and meeting business needs

Designer Learnings:

Austin Torres

  • Realizing the importance of user feedback and usability testing 
  • Team communication is key 
  • Learned more functions within Figma (auto-layout,Prototype animations)

Developer Learnings:

Fatoki Oladele

  • Communication is key in teamwork 
  • Managing and prioritizing product development tasks 
  • I was able to build my skills and gain experiences in full stack web development

Developers Learnings:

Alex Shearer


  • Making sure all developers that are apart of the product team are comfortable with the tech stack 
  • Communication is extremely important amongst the entire team 
  • Learned more about alternative frameworks that have their own perks when working with their tools

Full Team Learning