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Product Experience

Problem Space 

Problem Statement  

How might we empower tech professionals to seamlessly showcase their diverse skill sets and experiences to potential clients, addressing the challenges of traditional methods, and fostering meaningful connections in a dynamic and competitive tech industry?

Problem Background  

Tech professionals, including developers, designers, and specialists, are facing a critical challenge in effectively showcasing their skills to potential clients in the fiercely competitive tech industry. The current methods of articulating expertise through traditional resumes and LinkedIn profiles fall short of meeting the evolving demands of clients who seek more transparent, authentic, and visually engaging representations of tech capabilities. The need to address this problem is pressing, especially in the context of the rapidly changing tech landscape, where remote work and digital platforms for professional networking are becoming the norm. Through comprehensive market research, surveys, and interviews with tech professionals and potential clients, we've identified these pain points and preferences.

The insights gathered underscore a clear opportunity for a solution like TechieSkillz, as tech professionals actively seek innovative ways to stand out, and clients express the desire for deeper insights into a professional's capabilities. Instances of missed opportunities and challenges in evaluating tech professionals' true potential further validate the urgency of providing a platform that goes beyond traditional credentials to empower techies and enhance their visibility in the market.

Research Insights

User Pain Points

Using Facebook, WhatsApp and LinkedIn groups/communities, I identified the different pain points after collating responses to preliminary surveys and subsequently interviewing prospective users. See below…

Lack of Transparent Feedback: There is a lack of transparent and constructive feedback for tech professionals to understand how effectively they are presenting their skills, hindering their ability to improve and adapt.

  • Supporting Data: Surveys indicate that 80% of tech professionals feel they lack sufficient feedback on the effectiveness of their profiles, hindering their ability to make improvements.
  • User Feedback: "I wish there was a way to know how my profile is perceived and get constructive feedback for improvement."

Limited Visibility: Tech professionals often face the challenge of limited visibility in a crowded market, making it difficult for potential clients to fully understand the depth and breadth of their skills and experiences.

  • Supporting Data: According to my survey of new techies, 78% feel that their skills are not adequately represented on traditional platforms, leading to challenges in standing out to potential clients.
  • User Feedback: "I often feel like my skills get lost in the crowd on traditional job platforms. It's hard to differentiate myself."

Ineffective Communication: Traditional methods, such as resumes and LinkedIn profiles, may not effectively communicate the unique value and expertise that tech professionals bring to the table, resulting in missed opportunities.

  • Supporting Data: Analysis of tech professionals' LinkedIn profiles reveals that only 40% effectively communicate their unique value proposition, indicating a widespread challenge in presenting expertise
  • User Feedback: "Resumes and LinkedIn profiles feel too generic. They don't capture the real depth of what I can offer."

Limited Connection Opportunities: Potential clients may find it challenging to efficiently discover and connect with tech professionals whose skills align with their project requirements, resulting in a cumbersome hiring process

  • Supporting Data: Potential clients express frustration, with 50% reporting difficulties in efficiently discovering tech professionals whose skills align with their project needs.
  • User Feedback: "Finding the right tech professional for our project is often a time-consuming process. The current platforms don't make it easy to connect

Landing on the Solution

Based on our target users' pain points, we knew we wanted to work on the following features to address their challenges effectively:

Visual Skill Showcasing:

Understanding that tech professionals often struggle to communicate the depth of their skills through traditional means, we prioritized a feature allowing users to visually showcase their projects and accomplishments. This enhances the richness of their profiles, providing potential clients with a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities.

Dynamic User Profiles:

Recognizing the limitations of static resumes and LinkedIn profiles, we aimed to create dynamic user profiles on TechieSkillz. These profiles not only include standard information but also offer an interactive and engaging representation of a tech professional's journey, skills, and contributions.

Advanced Filtering and Matching:

To streamline the connection process between tech professionals and potential clients, we focused on developing advanced filtering and matching capabilities. This feature enables clients to efficiently discover and connect with tech professionals whose skills align with their specific project requirements, reducing the time and effort involved in the hiring process.

Constructive Feedback Mechanism:

Acknowledging the need for transparent feedback, we integrated a mechanism that allows users to receive constructive insights on the effectiveness of their profiles. This iterative feedback loop empowers tech professionals to continuously improve and refine their presentations, ensuring they stand out in a competitive tech landscape.

Global Expansion Readiness:

Anticipating the diverse nature of the tech industry, we designed TechieSkillz with global expansion in mind. The platform is adaptable to different markets, accommodating the unique needs and preferences of tech professionals and clients worldwide.

By prioritizing these features, we aim to not only alleviate the pain points identified but also to provide a robust and user-centric solution that transforms how tech professionals showcase their skills and connect with potential clients on TechieSkillz.

**WE = I decided to work with Jejelove Solutions team to build this product, hence the “we”.

Future Steps

Tech professionals expressed a desire for real-time collaboration tools to enhance project discussions and showcase ongoing work. Future steps may involve exploring integrations or features that facilitate collaborative interactions within the TechieSkillz platform.

Respondents to our survey expressed interest in mentorship opportunities within the tech community. To cater to this demand, potential future steps could involve introducing a mentorship feature on TechieSkillz or links to available mentorships, connecting experienced tech professionals with those seeking guidance and career advice.

Tech professionals emphasized the importance of ongoing professional development. To support this, future steps could involve integrating a learning and development section within TechieSkillz, providing resources, courses, and networking opportunities to help users stay updated with industry trends.

Users expressed interest in showcasing not only technical skills but also soft skills and collaboration experiences. Future steps could involve expanding the profile customization options to include sections dedicated to teamwork, communication skills, and other non-technical competencies.

Possible additional problems to address might include these:

  • During customer conversations, we identified a potential challenge related to skill endorsement authenticity. Addressing this, future steps may involve implementing a verification system or additional features to enhance the credibility of skill endorsements on TechieSkillz.
  • Some users highlighted concerns about privacy and data security. Future steps may include implementing enhanced security measures, such as two-factor authentication and robust data encryption, to ensure user information remains secure and builds trust in the TechieSkillz platform.
  • Accessibility was raised as a concern by some users, particularly those with disabilities. Future steps may involve conducting an accessibility audit and implementing features to ensure TechieSkillz is inclusive and usable for individuals with diverse needs.
  • A few respondents to our preliminary survey highlighted the need for a more seamless integration with existing professional networking platforms. Future steps may involve exploring partnerships or integrations with platforms like LinkedIn to enhance cross-platform visibility for TechieSkillz users.

By incorporating these insights and addressing potential additional problems, TechieSkillz can evolve to better meet the diverse needs and aspirations of its users, ensuring continuous relevance and value in the dynamic tech industry.



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