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Introducing Talkative: Where genuine connections thrive! Break free from social isolation with our inclusive app designed for meaningful conversations. Tailor your social experience with customizable chat rooms, real-time translation, and privacy controls. Connect effortlessly with individuals seeking authentic connections or those overcoming communication challenges, including the autism community. Talkative fosters a safe, welcoming environment where your voice is heard. Join us on a journey to transform digital interactions. Download now and experience the power of connection!


Product Experience

Problem Space 

In a digital landscape marked by superficial connections and communication barriers, the Talkative app seeks to redefine social interaction, with a distinct focus on serving the autism community. Recognizing the challenges faced by individuals on the autism spectrum, Talkative introduces a sensory-friendly interface, prioritizing simplicity and customization. Unique features include visual communication tools—customizable emojis and symbols—to enrich non-verbal expression. The app pioneers structured conversation prompts, providing a supportive framework for meaningful interactions. Real-time translation features foster inclusivity, bridging communication gaps among users with different styles or languages. Private support groups and educational resources cater specifically to the autism community, creating a space where genuine connections flourish through understanding, empathy, and shared experiences. Talkative is not just an app; it's a tailored haven, enhancing social connections for all.

Problem Statement  

How might we create a digital platform that not only addresses the prevalent challenges of social isolation and communication difficulties but also provides a tailored and inclusive space specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the autism community?

Problem Background  

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, individuals living with autism have faced unprecedented challenges exacerbated by the significant impact on physical communication. Heightened social distancing measures led to increased social isolation, particularly affecting those who already encountered difficulties in socializing. The abrupt disruption of routines, coupled with the transition to virtual learning, posed additional hurdles, as many individuals with autism grappled with adapting to new online platforms and the absence of in-person support.

Virtual communication became a nuanced struggle, with the loss of familiar non-verbal cues in online interactions. Limited access to therapies and essential support services, coupled with increased sensory sensitivities and the anxiety-inducing uncertainty of the times, further intensified the challenges faced by this community. Navigating public spaces with new guidelines, including altered social protocols, added to the complexity. The Talkative app seeks to address these multifaceted issues by providing a tailored, inclusive space that not only acknowledges but actively mitigates the unique challenges individuals with autism have encountered in the post-pandemic world.

Research Insights

In envisioning the Talkative app, we anticipate potential pain points for individuals on the autism spectrum within the digital communication landscape. Users may face difficulties adapting to virtual platforms, especially concerning the absence of familiar non-verbal cues that are crucial for understanding and expressing emotions. The envisioned shift to virtual communication raises concerns about sensory sensitivities, posing a potential barrier to effective engagement. Furthermore, the overarching uncertainty and disruptions caused by the pandemic may intensify anxiety levels during social interactions within the app. As we embark on developing Talkative, there's a clear need to proactively design a platform that anticipates and mitigates these challenges, ensuring a supportive and inclusive space that caters to the unique communication styles and needs of our users.

User Interviews

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In the survey, a clear consensus emerged regarding communication preferences, with 85% of respondents favoring visual communication tools, such as emojis and symbols, to enhance non-verbal expression. Additionally, 73% emphasized the importance of customizable chat rooms for tailored communication environments. Virtual interaction challenges were evident, with 67% reporting difficulties adapting to virtual platforms due to the absence of familiar non-verbal cues, and over 60% expressing concerns about potential sensory sensitivities affecting their engagement in virtual discussions.

Anxiety levels during social interactions in virtual settings were notably high, as approximately 75% of respondents reported an increase, with 82% attributing it to pandemic-related uncertainty and disruptions. Privacy and security were paramount, as 88% stressed the need for robust privacy settings within the app. User insights highlighted the challenges users face, emphasizing the significance of incorporating real-time translation features for inclusivity (suggested by 68%) and structured conversation prompts to ease initiation (recommended by 56%). The survey findings collectively underscore the importance of addressing these preferences and challenges in the development of the Talkative app.


Bridging Conversations, Fostering Connections - Where Every Voice Finds Its Place.


Product Manager Learnings:

Eminimo Eghosa

Embarking on this project as a newcomer to product management has been an enlightening journey filled with invaluable learning experiences. Collaborating with diverse teams has been a revelation, as I discovered the power of collective ideation and the importance of cross-functional communication in shaping a cohesive product vision.

Engaging with numerous individuals through interviews and research allowed me to deepen my understanding of user needs and pain points, emphasizing the profound impact that user-centric design can have on product success. The iterative nature of the development process became evident as I navigated the complexities of refining and adapting features based on user feedback, reinforcing the notion that flexibility is a cornerstone of effective product management. Learning to distill complex information into clear and compelling narratives has been a skill honed through various project presentations, underscoring the importance of effective communication in conveying the project's vision to stakeholders.

Overall, this project has been a dynamic and immersive learning experience, showcasing the multifaceted nature of product management and providing me with a solid foundation for future endeavors in this exciting field.

Co.Lab was a very interesting experience for me, shaping my product management journey and amplifying my commitment to creating a platform that empowers meaningful connections.

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